Hello world!

I'm Cristina and I welcome you to my personal blog. This space started as a therapy room, called for the lovers (as the URL says) and developed into something much more. I grew up discovering myself in the process, finding what I love doing, what is real Love and what are the most important things for me.
So, who's Cristina?
English is not my mother language, so please be kind with me. Sometimes I think faster than I get the chance to write it down and I misspell some words. Hope you read it between the lines. ;-)  I am an artisan, a creator, I love creating handmade accessories, earrings, bracelets, collars, brooches and more. This blog is a mixed media and life journal, with all the things I like and all the things that inspire me. This is my peace corner, a space to create and inspire my handmade creations. A place where I grab all the things I love about handmade, home design, fashion design and DIY. Hope you love it! Please leave a comment or send me a message at creativemagdesign {at} gmail {d0t} com

Cristiña Párus