Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kundalini awakening

Last night I had a panic attack once again.
It was provoked by a book I'm reading right now, Guérison spirituelle et immortalité, which presents the Kundalini awakening, very well described in here as a state of human awakening to its deepest inner self. I think what made me enter this panic attack was connecting the books facts with some real fact of my life. In the process, the Kundalini energy is going through all the 7 chakras, from the back lowest point of spinal column, arousing to the last one situated in the head. This process can take a few months, but it can also take a few years, it depends on the person preparation for this state of being. One may be afraid and as we all know already, fear makes us weak and unprepared for the changes. We are afraid to do a thing or another, thinking that may cause a change or changes in our lives, but what we don't want to accept it that changes are inevitable and we have to leave them happen. Let them be. Emerge. 
The process is complicated, and, if you don't realise what is going on with you and your body, you may be considered as insane. With this diagnosis you can only take some pills and medication that will oppress the Kundalini Energy for rising through its last chakra and to illumination: when the Kundalini energy has emerged through the last chakra, the body and mind are relieved and you can then feel the beauty of life: no panic, no stress, no worries, no headache, nothing, but a totally peaced mind and body. The taste of happiness through the spiritual evolution. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

autumn is in town again

these days were more than autumn-like days. I felt I'm in some kind of time capsule when all the sudden I found myself in front of my closet wondering what to wear. can you imagine this? oh, this summer went through very fast, could not wear all my clothes and I don't even have that much! for those who don't know me at all, I'm not a shoppachoooliccc! I really have few clothes, and very few to wear as house clothes. but still, I think this summer was too short. TOOOOO short for me....come on --- what I'm trying to say is that time is too short in this life, even more than that: time is running too fast in that direction. One day is shorten than the other one that just passed away. Time is hitting to 0! Time will come to be infinite, not having the 3 coordinates: past, present, future. There will be something you never have imagined that it can become true. Something unthinkable!

I say hello to a sweet cup of coffee. The sky is cloudy and all I can think of is rain. In fact, some drops when to the cold asphalt. Soon I'll have to take under more work to be done, another project so I can rise my earnings. I have to, or else I'm at the same level and I want to grow a little bit.

kiss you deep - tonight is Leonard Cohen's night :)
oldies, but goldies!