Monday, May 28, 2012

Little bit craziness in your life won't hurt

Just picture yourself at the edge of life: what have you concur? oh, besides kids, wife/husband, a house, a career?_) I mean the things you've done only for your own pleasure?! Those are the ones that counts here. No, not to be selfish, but don't do everything for the other people. ;)

I've come to the conclusion that I am happier than most of the people are. Why's that?! And how's that, taking into consideration the fact that I'm not married, have no kids, no house to call my OWN (I'm still living in my parents' house), no car and most of all, no career!? And how does one know is happy when he/she really is?! What is happiness after all? It depends on who you ask, but if you ask me, happiness is something we all struggle for every day, but few of us know how to recognize its symptom. The reason why I'm writing this post is this book: Living Sensationally !

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is this going to be cloudy all the time?

I'm telling you, these days were hard for me. And they still are. I haven't seen the sun since ancient age, and I feel like's the end of the world. How do people live here, when there's no sun for days?
And here comes Love
As you can see, there's a ray of sunshine 'dancing' on the wall behind me. ;-) BUT it's a shy one! And it is said that Norwich / Norfork is the sunniest place in UK! 

I went to the coffee shop and treat myself with the biggest cream caramel coffee frappe they have in the menu: I needed something to remind me that life's beautiful and ...hmm, sweet! As I was sipping and the caramel melting into my mouth, I got my eyes on a guy entering the shop: he was unusual dressed and wearing an odd hat. Who is this guy? Maybe the rest of the people know him or he's familiar with the staff here, who am I to ask when I just got here?! But maybe that's why I should have ask him before he went out...maybe next time.
Until then, I'll get back to my translations, strange how English doesn't seem so complicated all the sudden. ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

These days in Norwich

Only for days left for you to visit the festival: Norfolk & Norwich Festival, of course! Here is the brochure !
You'll see odd creatures, hear strange noises coming out of nowhere and creatures from other words. ...and most of all, you'll enjoy the delicious food and drinks from the 9 am to late night. :-) Too bad I cannot take photos! And now I'm looking for a photo I cannot find!:(

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another rainy day

photo by B o B ___W h i t e
A rainy day in Norwich

I feel how is like living in UK. The weather is very cloudy and the rain seems to have no beginning and no end. The drop are rolling  over my big window, dancing a crazy dance only they know. And I only can feel it. I see people passing by with big umbrellas, running to get home and have a 5 o'clock tea.
I'm looking at the picture next to my laptop, picturing me and my beloved one at the billiard, and I can't wait for him to return home. He was out of town with work for the end of the week, and I felt his absence while he was out.

The rain has stopped now and the sun tries to over come the clouds, but it seems it's more likely to have a cloudy light then a sunny one.

I have some lower stomach, the sign that the menstruation is coming and I have to take care with food and drinks these days, otherwise I'll suffer more.

I'm going to eat something now, it's past 5pm and I haven't had my launch. Maybe because I had breakfast at 12:30PM! ;)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A perfect rainy day

This seems to be a perfect rainy day. I'm all alone, enjoying a glass of green juice/smoothie and making the most of it: relaxing in front of the computer writing this. Yeah, you probably would say that I should lay in bed with a cappuccino or hot chocolate. Maybe, but I got up today thinking that I should make this Saturday mine. And this is what I just did till now, when talking a break to finish my translation, then eat some almond cheese with tomatoes and union and ..uh, a little piece of avocado. .And now I'm going back to the kitchen to finish things up: meaning wash the dishes and prepare some avocado pate!!! And...ummm, some sponge cake,,maybe! I'll leave this open while I keep myself busy and come back to add a few lines and maybe pictures with food! yam!

I have the cakes in the oven and I'm waiting for them to bake! I also have a terrible (for me) headache, and I say terrible because I don't suffer from this very often, in fact, I'm even wondering if I don't have a low magnesium-calcium level or I'm not drinking too much water... :( Going to see the cake..

And the cakes are ready: not so sweet as I wanted them to be, just because I didn't want to put too much sugar and have them too sweet. BUT I can drop some fine sugar on them and they are sooo yummy! The thing is that doing house keeping and all those raw creams and pates took my appetit for sweeties. I have a coffee next to me, the headache is still there, but I would say the pain is a little bit softer than earlier. STILL, I cannot keep wondering where this pain is coming from!? I 've also took 3 calcium-magnesium pills (you can take up to 5 a day) and I was hoping this shall pass. But here we go again, I really feel dizzy, tired (I have worked a lot these days, been up early and went to bed late)

I'm having a bite of this nuts and cocoa cake and sip of this fantastic coffee I've made myself. BUT I really think I should lay in bed for a few hours or so, and even try to get some sleep. I will post some photos with the cakes later ;-)

EDIT: May 20, 2012
Here are the photos with my cakes :-) I made just two, so I won't eat too much of this! LOL

These two should be two hearts, one with blueberries and other similar fruits, and the other one with cocoa heart and nuts! Nuts about you! ;-) But they ended up being a little bit distorted - anyhow, I don't know where the blueberry one disappeared because I couldn't find it in the fridge. I guess my mum took it or my dad and eat it all ! Or some guesses came in and she offered them the treat...with lots of sugar on top, I may guess, because, as I was telling you, I have used so little amount of sugar!

Here is the core, so flossy! That's all I had, because the rest was "stolen"!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Design. Interior Design

Design! No matter what, it's all about creative stuff! And, of course, something that can be use somehow!
This is one of the many passions I have: interior design. That fact that I've never finished an architecture school made me wonder about my abilities; I am ready to make a change, I'm trying different things (among which is medicine), but I am ready to start over?

Here are some web pages I've found, and wanna check back later.
London, Design Museum: (

The design observer group:

Milk? No, it's Design Milk!

And the one that includes many industries and I love it: Design org:

At the Design Museum shop we sell the most beautiful, innovative and intelligently designed products and publications from around the world. All proceeds go towards funding the museum.

I am love. I am happy. I can do it. I am a YES person!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ring, ring!

This phone call should ring my bell: it's time to conceive a baby!

A dear friend of mine, who is trying so hard to conceive a baby for about 2 years now, has just phoned. She's been through many surgeries and procedures, but still she cannot get pregnant. Her husband is potent, but the spermatozoons are not quite so 'jumping' as they should be, and one of her fallopian tube is sunken. :(

I cannot help wondering how it will be for us, but I have a clue: we will have NO problem at all in conceiving a baby! :-) I know that deep inside my heart, it's like something my angels told me and I truly believe it is so.

05/15/2012 - 5:52pm,
I just sent the other two files that needed revision (and they actually needed a lot of revision!) and now I'm back to my daily translation!

Monday, May 14, 2012

A new project

While writing this post can't help wondering how fast will I finish this new project: I'm waiting for the texts to be sent by email, about 30.000 characters for translation (15 pages) and 20.000 (10 pages) for reviewing. And I'm a little bit anxious about it, even if I know what the text look like, because the person who wants them translated sent me a sample of it last week, on Friday. Now, we shall see. :-)


And the work started a few minutes later when I've received the first 3 files for revision. I returned the job after an hour, the texts were pretty short and general, so I was easy for me to correct them and deliver.
Now I'm on 'round two', with another two large files, one it's 7 pages and the other 13 pages long. I'll deliver them by tomorrow, so I have to go back to work. Not to mention I still have my usual daily on going project text that I have to deliver by tomorrow at 10AM.

I am love. I am happy. I can do it. I am a YES person!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Relocating may not be the key

Have no time, nor the patience to actually write about it, but I've found these web pages to meditate on: Where are we running and why we want to move: I want to live and work in Spain, UK citizens move in Spain as well looking for a better life, Italians want to live in UK, Bulgarian look forward to France and Israilians are relocating where ever they feel it's better, and for them anywhere else is better than the native country. BUT WHAT are we all hitting?! We all look for a better life, but we don't actually see the real problem: any place of the world might be hit by recession, and it wll be at some point, sooner or later. The economy as we know it and the monetary system are wrong, we have to change something. In this rhythm of consuming and over consuming the goods and services the Earth itself as well as the nations will go down. We cannot go back, but forward. And the forward step is to change something. We cannot continue like this.

Here are some web pages to consider: read them, study them, meditate on them!
  4. The one talking for itself: 
  5. Moving Truck Courtesy of the Recession: What it's like to relocate because of the downturn. An articles about Americans.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Letter of the week (4) - I know you from somewhere

We've spent a very nice Saturday in the park, first in the morning, then we come back in the evening. And the evening walk was even more delightful because of the soft wind blowing so nice after a hot day. If the evening walk was dedicated to move and stretch&yoga poses, the morning one was for hot pictures. Yes, I love this HOT word: HOT!!! It's already summer here, we love to walk in the park and wear soft transparent clothes. I have a lots of pictures today, about 30 or so, but only a few we really to die for. One of them is shown below and I gotta tell you I'm getting obsessed with detail photography! I love putting details in the focus and transform a simple ordinary photo into a stunning one!

I know you from somewhere is the title for the Letter of the week, but I have no inspiration nor the time to write this now. It's almost midnight and I'm pretty tired. I'll get back to this, I have so much to tell you!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Night out - thoughts in!

As I was hitting back home, my thoughts were jumping up and down my brain and I couldn't help wondering what's he doing tonight. A sip of coffee was still in my red cup. I have open the window to get some fresh air, but the noise outside is really getting my thoughts away. I hear dogs barking and people laughing. It's like Saturday night, except it's Thursday, but you can tell the temperature is high and people started to spend more time outdoors than they usually spend. And I know for sure that they were anxious for the summer to come!
Tonight I was down town with my girls, and we had some super cool time. One of girls is getting marry on June 30 this year and we are losing her from the 'not-married' club. She's so excited and so happy! I wonder what happiness is to her: a marriage? children? a brand-new house? I know for sure what is happiness to me: It means one word: FREEDOM. A word that most of women find it very hard to digest, somehow threatening, because they associate this word with being unfaithful. And I don't blame them - it's just that at some point they over react and that's not good for the relationship they have. And maybe because women have so many great expectations, they are so broken when the man that sworn to be close for the rest of their lives step outside the matrimonial bed. They don't know that we human are polygamists - we are meant to love more than one person at the time, and we are perfectly capable to love a person and to feel drawn by another!!! That is SEXUAL attraction and it's perfectly normal! But tell that to a very conservator person and she or he will laugh in your face or will get so angry that you'll wish not to have opened the subject...ever!

While I was getting closer to my house, my mind begin to think about other dear friend of mine who left me with no contact about his life whatsoever. He lives very close to my house and I get to see him from time to time, just by passing by his house. He never felt the urge to see what I am doing...or maybe he was searching for me other the internet. Maybe. But I don't think so. He totally disappeared from my life a few years ago, more like 5?! and never talked to me since then. I feel left behind, I feel very little, but I know it's not worth the pain. As I'm writing this, I figured out one thing: maybe that's why I feel so not capable of doing this or that, because he made me feel (indirectly) I cannot, after being the one that inspired me to graduate the language university!!! But the way he treated me, how he left me with no explanation, all this could have affect me in some negative way and I never thought about it! All this had a great and deep impact on my self-confidence. It's good that I meditate about this. When I make the connections between persons, things and situations, something deep inside me says "thanks for noticing it!" And YEAS, I really feel like when discovering the world! ;-) LOL!

I have so much to say, I want to write about so many things, BUT I feel tired and I have to return to my other words, the one paying my bills. :-) 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Letter of the week (3) Nornal? what do you know...?

I was telling you the other day about that guy from  who contacted me after so many years, but who didn't had the courage to write me back. Well, guess what!? He replied at some point, more confused than he was before. OF course, he was not expecting me too see that he was looking for me on the internet, even though he admitted he did a search from time to time to see what's new in my life. And how I have my very personal page and Facebook and twitter and stuff, it was easy for him to find out one thing or another.

BUT the thing now is that he doesn't know if to continue talking to me or not. He is confused. And I've sent him a second email saying he has to calm down, not worry so much and stuff like that. But the fact is that telling him not to worry made me really nervous. I was really, BUT really calm, neutral, with no "thoughts of complications", just wanted to chat and see what's new in his life, and all the sudden I've realised that he made me somehow wonder if this is OK to continue or not. And of course my logic mind was telling me "no, of course it's not OK to continue!" But then what?! I should let this thing go, just like that?! I mean, it's pretty easy to say it, but hard to do it. What if he gets into this way too much and "de-focus" on his real life?! That could be it. And he probably feels that way, he feels he could lose his head and he's OF COURSE  afraid of this. And prefers not to get complicated. BUT then, let's just say I have never see that he was looking for me, do you think it's normal for a married guy with a kid to look for me online from time to time to see what I'm doing!?
I guess not. And he knows it. BUT even so, I still want to know more about him. The curious mind made me wonder all those details that come into hand when you have a close friend, but are so hard to guess when you're miles away!

Anyway, I've decided to write another email. I cannot leave things like this, I have to end it somehow or continue it the other way around. Whatever it is, it will be complication-free, because I want clear, categoric messages. And this is what it will be. Let's see now what shall I write now. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We need to face big challenges in order to make this life worth living!

Hey you there,

Watch this video and follow her story: she quit her stable job just to figure it out what she was meant to do with this life! And I believe we should do the same. I mean, I've started, I'm half way, don't know where I am hitting, but still going. And I have applied to that Elance country representative position I've told you about. This could be it. What if? I will never know if I don't try! It could be a big fail or a HUGE step forward. Time will tell. But I'm telling you, I can picture myself out there, speaking in front of all those people in the brainstorming chamber and making them wanting for more. because I'll have to make people wish and struggle for a freelance job rather than a stable corporatist job. 

So this is it. Check it out and tell me what's you think! I haven't finished watching the video, but I just felt I have to share this with you before I lose my inspiration and forget to tell you about.

What else is to be said? We need to face big challenges in order to make this life worth living!

PS. I hope the page shows very well, let me know if you cannot see the video! 

Love Peace