Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas rehearsal

Cooking some Romanian traditional food today. These are meant to be meat rolls in cabbage leaves, called sarmalute, but they are without meat because we only eat fish, no meat. These are vegan, with mushrooms, rice and soy +other vegan goodies replacing the meat, but they are absolutely delicious if you know how to combine the ingredients and use proper spices!  Hint: they are better served and cooked homemade in a guest house, rather than served in a fancy restaurant!  

So today we've made a rehearsal for Christmas. I can't wait to decorate our home and make up the Christmas tree!

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  1. Thanks, Erika! I would say that you should try this, but it's a Romanian recipe and it's made with local cabbage, I've heard that the one from other places does not replace this local one and the disk is not that delicious anymore ...


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