Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting messy is great for the soul

I haven't posted around here in a while, but I was around! I did some painting and drawing and sketching! And it;s hard sometimes to balance between creating and writing. I love both, but many times I run out of time while I try to make them both.

I can't do them all AND that iS OK. One thing at a time, please :) 

Now here is my latest painting using mixed media. I wanted to create something free of any judgements and here is what I came up with. And to tell you the truth, the inner critique spoke to me at some point saying: "what's that craziness over there, girl?" But then I said: WAIT, at first it will look crazy and meaningless until it gets better and....better. And Nicer.  If I could paint like a child, I would. BUT I can paint like a child IF I let go. And I believe you can, too!

With no further introduction, here is the result. NOT final. I don't know what's missing, maybe more work on the background...who knows?! Maybe one day I'm gonna go back and add to this piece.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Life Book 2015 giveaway from Jeanne Oliver

Today another wonderful creative soul is offering a free spot in LIFE BOOK 2015. And you have a chance to win if you leave a comment at her blog right here:

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Are you still here?

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Drawing and painting on the go

On my way back home from a fantastic September vacation, I had my mini sketchbook in my purse, so it was easy to surrender to the urge of drawing something. SO I grabbed my pen and sketchbook and started to draw after a brochure I had picked earlier from the mall.

So I created this little black perfume bottle...

And this makeup set...
And kept on drawing...

And painting with watercolor...

And I love the result! I had to use a small amount of water, because the paper is not suitable for water media, but in the end I closed the notebook and pressed to flatten the pages. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


You/re going to love this! Effywild is giving away a FREE SPOT in this LIFE BOOK 2015! 

LIFE BOOK is an online ART CLASS appreciated by so many young artists willing so learn and discover the creative muse for one year round starting January 1st, 2015!

I have never been part of it, but I would love to learn new tips and tricks from the creative souls that are teaching in this 2015 LIFE BOOK.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September breeze

I'm on vacation. It's a lovely September weather, and it feels like there it's June, not September. I can hear children screaming on the beach, the waves slowly hitting the shore, the sun is terribly shining on the sky, and I'm having a frappuccino in my hotel room.

It's too hot to stay on the beach, and I'm not allowed to stay in the sun when is that hot and burning. In fact, none of us should stay out in the sun at the evening hot hours, although many are looking to get as much sun as they can get, forgetting that a nice healthy tan can be achieved only at the early hours of the morning and right before the sun sets in the evening. No need to burn your skin, ladies!

On the other hand, here are some vacation photos I did till now. ;) and there are many more, but it's hard to post them from my phone! :) Enjoy!

a sketch after a photo <3 p="">

the perfect sunset ;)

an a view from the hotel room

...and me!