Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The is always a first time for everything

Next week I'll have my first fly and I'm a little bit anxious about it. I've never been in an air plain and I've always wanted to fly and see how it feels. Or maybe that wasn't the real reason: the real reason I wanted so badly to fly is because I so much want to travel the world and see new different places and cultures. But this urge to see this and that got fast into regression when the crisis come over us and the hope for something better was vanished away. And the thought of relocation, too. I mean, there are people in Spain who cannot afford to pay the rent or the mortgage and what am I dreaming about?!?

But getting back to our trip, I truly think it will be marvellous, in that particular good way! And I'm going to enjoy every moment spent there. It's out first trip together on board and it's the first fly for both of us. What a beautiful trip will that be!

Your life purpose is...Letter of the week (7)

Of course, I have so many dreams and I'm going to play one little tiny game so that I'll finally get to know what my life purpose is: why I'm on this earth and what I am meant to do with my life?!
For that, I've found so many articles and I even got two with the same title (who on Earth would write an article without checking first is there is another one with the same title? Especially when, as a writer, you DO RESEARCH your paper!?!), but one of them really got my attention. It says there that are 3 steps you should follow in order to complete the process of "what to do with your life?" And these are:
1). take a paper and a pen or simply open en word editor on your computer
2). Name it "what is my real life purpose on this Earth?"
3). Start writing whatever comes to your mind, being a phrase or a sentence, or even a single word. It doesn't matter, you just put it down without thinking too much. It should take about 15 or 20 minutes to complete that, and you may surprise yourself entirely writing things you've never thought about it. But keep writing until you write something that will make you cry. This is when yo will know you've found your life purpose. This is when you got to meet the pure happiness! ;-)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The beauty and the pain

Wonder: why people feel the pain so differently? Is there a link between the body and the mind?! Are those who believe are stronger, stronger then the others?!

I had to see the dentist for so many times and I had so many problems with my teeth, but every time I went to see the doctor and the procedure implied an injection to calm the pain, I was told that I have a better reception to pain. Why is that? It is known that when you're afraid of the procedure you tend to feel the pain even more badly than actually it feels. And I Believe it's true, even if last time I saw my dentist he told me that I'm going to feel more pain with the paladin injection, it wasn't like that at all: the pain was as usual, just a pinch and that was all! ;-)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

And I kiss the rain again

After so many hot summer days, we have rain tonight. It's such a beautiful feeling the moment the rain drops kiss the asphalt. It smells sooo good and feels so natural. All the hot atmosphere is in my bedroom now, and in other bedrooms, because we have 25 degree outside, but inside are at least 29! Saint God we have rain! And that got colder outside otherwise I don't know...

I', going back to my letters, I want to have this finished asap!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sex and the girl friends

As I was watching the sex and the city tonight, I've realised that every woman has a little bit of the characters: I'm a little Samantha bitchy, I'm something of Charlotte, I'm more like Carrie (except I'm not a smoker!), and just a little bit of  Miranda. And the friendship "dance" the all 4 are playing: nights out, early-mornings and crying desperate cell phones they give and receive. I realize that I'm more a men's friend  not becaouse I don't like women friends, but because I had no goody-women-friends with whom I could actually talk and not feel uncomfortable! Or being criticized! Like all women tend to do when you're our of the moral social believes, trying to be yourself and ending up with no real girl friends, because they are all afraid of who you really are or who you may become. Is that so important to women, that they leave behind a friendship!?

YES, it is. Most of them would leave in a blink. But are they right?! It's really such a big thing this social label you get to wear when you grow up and people expect you to act in some particular way? I guess I've never been a 'playing by rules girl', but I've known how to balance the truly me with the so wanted social copy of what I should be considering to others' opinion.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What do we do when we cannot say goodbye? - Letter of the week (6)

I say goodbye to things in my life that are blocking my spiritual growth.

There are moments when you want to leave the past behind and start fresh. When you truly have the will to move on, but you feel there's something left behind, something ...unfinished. And that it's true. You're totally entitled to feel this way. Sometimes we cannot let past behind if we never had the chance of saying "good bye". And we feel like's something unfinished there that needs to be done and you think you have no idea on how to do that.
The past is gone, the future uncertain. Today is now and I face it head on.
I'm not referring here to the people that have passed away and we didn't had the chance to say our last "goodbye", but to the ones that left our lives without actually saying a thing. Why people choose to be so cruel? Do they hide or something? can't stand having their last talk with the person they want to exclude from their lives? And why is this "unfinishness" feeling so badly? Why we feel this urge of finishing it?

I have one million thoughts about this. I feel sometimes I can let it go and never look back. I really do feel so. But then something happens and I'm facing again the person who have left so abruptly. Literally face it. And don't know how to manage my feelings, what should I act and what should I say if necessary. I guess sometimes all you have to do is just let it go. It may seem easy to say and hard to do, but I guess it's up to you if you can do it or not. You should have no problem, especially if you focus on present, that way you don't have to worry about the past.

I release my chaotic monkey mind. My mind is clear of distractions. I am focused.

I'm fabulous!

I'm fabulous!

Alice Olivia long sleeve blouse
$158 -

Polka dot blazer
£20 -

$325 -

ALDO clutch handbag
$40 -

Chandelier earrings
$15 -

Stella mccartney sunglasses
$225 -

White scarve
£25 -

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Turquoise pleasure

Turquoise pleasure


Versace shoes

Clutch handbag
$825 -

Stella dot jewelry
$63 -

Gem jewelry
$20 -

Zara flower brooch
$9.90 -

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Romance into town with a vintage touch

I'm ready for some action: so this beautiful outfit says and yells! I totally agree, as the girl wearing this may not be and it is not the shy one. Can you imagine wearing that and have the whole audience eye's on you? It's totally somethingto wear if you're happy, inspiring, lovely and smiley! And of course, if you have the gods to wear it!

Halter top

Vintage skirt
$48 -

Oscar de la Renta envelope clutch
$1,595 -

Yellow jewelry
$25 -

Kate Spade floral necklace
$180 -

Glamour khaki and silvery accents

Sem t铆tulo #1460

Cotton shirt
€56 -

Theyskens theory knit jacket
£464 -

Rag & bone zipper jeans
£210 -

Chanel shopping tote

Eddie Borgo chain jewelry
$365 -

Alexander McQueen silk shawl
£190 -

Little bit of this, little bit of that

We all have dreams, and hopes, and wishes, and we all hope that this or that is going just the way we want it to be. But sometimes you don't get what you want. Sometimes your way is full with surprises, not always pleasant. And when you get that, you tend to blame the destiny or you call yourself a bad-luck person. BUT the fact is that you get what you deserve in life, and if you go out load and all you can give is misfortune and bad thoughts, guess what you're about to receive back?!

I have that fall over the stairs and I'm recovering pretty well and fast after it. At least, I think so. I went to see the doctor and the doctor didn't recomemnd to go and do a x-ray. But I'm going to see her again this Thursday and ask her (again) if it's really not the case to run some x-ray. I'm not a doctor (just yet!), but I can say I'm better then the other day. I have a light pain, which I think it's pretty normal, talking into consideration the fall and the area where it's located. After all, we are talking about my spine here. And the spine supports all the body, all the moves, all the reactions. I am LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY! I am tell you this once more BECAUSE I really definitively feel that way. I can walk and I walk pretty good and pretty fast, I just don't want to make any rush movements to put in jeopardy my already damaged spine.

I can say and see this is happening for a reason: all my life I've being trying to figure it out what is what I need to do to be happy, to fulfil my dreams, my wishes, my goal. And yes, this is the problem, I do NOT know what is my personal goal. And nobody can actually find it for me. I have to do it by myself. There are - yes - people that help you recognize your goal, your wishes (yeah, some of us don't even know what they wish for!), your goals and so on. BUT they cannot tell you what to choose, or if they do so, they are broking the holy individual right of being objective, they are broking the law of arbitration by which every single person on this Earth should only choose for himself and not let others decide for him, letting aside children or disorder people. Even though I believe children should also choose for themselves, parents or tutors being the ones that help them decide, but only by seeing what the kid actually wants and have a  gift for, not guiding the little one driven by the parents interests, wishes (to become a doctor, for example), etc.

I'm leaving you with this: Live your life as you want it to be lived now, and don't wait any other moment. Don't wait for tomorrow, for the perfect house, perfect job, perfect husband or wife, perfect marriage (I've heard that too!) or perfect WHAT-SO-EVER! You LIVE FOR NOW, don't waste any minute. And when I say that I mean to live by the good laws of mankind: be kind, be honest, be open, be friendly, do no harm, be magnificent! Be whatever you want to be, just don't hurt other people, because it may come right after you at some point, when you least expect!

Monday, June 18, 2012

And so this week-end...

This week-end I had an accident. And it was bad as I've hurt my spine and had some pain. I was a little scared at first, then realized this ain't gonna help me at all so I just went and thought what to do. Now I'm waiting to see the doctor and run some tests. I believe she'll send me to see a specialist so we can make sure nothing is broken or damaged in there. Well, broken it's pretty sure it isn't because I would be in great pain, but I have to make sure everything it's OK before I move on.

This wasn't the week-end we planned. We were just about to get started with the project when I fall down the stairs. All Saturdays was a pain for me. And a pity I could only watch and do nothing. Well, I have done a little bit and that, but just small things, you can imagine. I AM LUCKY that I am ok now, even though I don't know for sure. Now I'm going to see the doctor.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage ice box

For this project, I did a lot of research and it didn't came up easily to find this information, as I was looking for the wrong term ;-)
But after a little research, I figured out what I am looking for and start fresh. Here is what I've found:


A video, not quite an ice box - and it doesn't look like the one we havem but here it is:

Some info about dry ice, here.

Here is THE ANTIQUE REFRIGERATOR SITE, some information about the history of refrigerators ;-)
One miniature refrigerator: 

Vintage antique refrigerator handles Old Antique Fridge Pull

Superb vintage ice box

Old stuff forum with ice box. 

Brilliant idea to refresh an old refrigerator. ;-) 
Still, I find the turquoise one more attractive. 

Antique ice box in good shape.

Beautiful Antique Oak Ice Box -- 
dates back to the early 1900's I believe---  
In great original working condition--
D. Eddy & Sons - Boston, MA

OLD Icebox "Automatic" Morrison, ILL T Hinges/Latches 
Brass Plate Steel over OAK
Vintage block ice refrigerator/ice box. Probably 20's era. 
 Made by DOUBLE DUTY AA in Morrison, Ill.  
It was called the 'SUPER STEEL AUTOMATIC'.  
Brass plate is original as is everything else in the icebox. 
 Brass plate boasts that it saves food, chills water, and uses less ice.  
It's in superior original condition.  
All hinges and latches are perfect.
There is absolutely no dings, or dents anywhere in the unit.
It's entirely covered with steel wrap coating over solid oak wood.  
Note that the inside is as good, (underneath the steel wrap)
 if not better than the outside.  
Inside door panels are perfect.  All inside liners are fine.
Two original wire racks and the original galvanized block ice tray.
I pictured a standard 2-wheel dolly next to the unit for size comparison. 
 It needs a good cleaning and possible refinish if so desired.
Put a block of ice inside, and it's functional.
It's 42-1/2" high x 32-1/2" wide x 22" deep including the large latches.  
About 175 to 200 pounds I'm guessing.
It's been stored inside a dry shed for a great number of year. 
It's in excellent original condition. It went back inside after the hayfield pictures.


Original Refrigerator

Original papers




This is a very nice liquor cabinet. 
Beautiful grain, nice brass hardware. 
Very old. Dimentions are 32.5" 
high by 13.5" wide by 10" deep 
(not counting door hardware). 
Two compartments, bottle cutouts.
Beautiful and authentic piece. 
Please see pictures and ask questions.


This ice box is in very good shape. Ready 
to use and not one of those monsters that are hard to move.
 Excellent size and would fit most anywhere. Size: 24" wide x 26" deep x 38" high.  
-AGE -1900-1950 (I believe it's early 1900's)

More old stuff, here. They say vintage it's back, and it's more sexy then ever! 
And we do believe so! ;-) 

GE Vintage Refrigerator.  

Type CA-1-A16
Serial number 4416444
Built approximately in the early 1930s.
Good operating condition
Original owner
Similar item was sold on TLCs Pawn Shop for $6000 after being retro-fitted

Video showing some old tehnical book about 1892's refrigerators.

Historic cooking school, an website made for those who care about history ;-)

And the most important: the ice box history since 1860's!!!!