Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hot or not?! Images de Marloes Horst

Images de Marloes Horst

This doesn't look too good, isn't it?
A perfect message that not ALL that's on vogue at the moment can actually look good. Or natural. This is brutal and horrible! Would you go out wearing this make-up? I guess not!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Y decir que la politica no es algo...

Mi madre es acostumbrada tener siempre raz贸n, pero sin embargo no la tiene en todos los casos. Y por esto  se discuta mucho.
Hoy tuvimos un hu茅sped inopinante y las cosas se precipitaron un poco cuando mi madre empez贸 con la pol铆tica. Nuestro hu茅sped empezo a criticar el actual presidente y su pol铆tica, sinedo perfectamente convencido de que deber铆a dejar la presedencia y dejar que otros se preocupe de nuestra pais. Nada m谩s verdadero que eso, pero en ningun momento no debemos permitir al instalar la dictatura en nuestra pa铆s. Esto es lo que el no vea...

¡hasta pronto!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

¿Cu谩l es m铆o?

No s茅 ni qu茅 hacer: luchar por mi sue帽o, o dejarlo y salir adelante? Hay unos que dicen que no hay sue帽o si no lo sigues, pero creo que debemos saber cuando decir ´esto es´ e intentar hacer algo diferente. Si no se puede, no se puede, ¿como decirtelo esto? Hay cosas que no se pueden materializar y basta. Yo creo que uno deber铆a saber cuando cambiar el camino. La pregunta es: ¿cu谩l es m铆o?

Photo source

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happiness on sale

Happiness for sale! Love, prosperity and wisdom! Oh, you can find them all right here, on this Facebook page! 

Oh, what would people buy just to fulfil their wishes! They blindly believe a bracelet can bring happiness, when happiness in right inside every one of us! And prosperity, when prosperity is something to should achieve by hard work, and not by waiting just to come by! And, oh, wisdom! How can one imagine a bracelet will bring wisdom along with it? How can one possibly believe that, when wisdom is something you have deep inside you and you cultivate all your life, but it is there right from your birth. Is either you have it or you don't have it! One way or another!
These bracelets are gorgeous though, but I prefer to create my own bracelets instead of buying them!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life it's a playground

I've been waiting for this moment for so long. I so much wanted to try this and see what comes out of it, that I cannot even believe I was just about to give up. The reason I haven't is because my husband remind me why I am doing this and how badly I need this. It is going to be IT or ...not. One way or another, I have to try this if I want to move on. If I want to look forward and find my way. I got so many questions ans so many scenarios that I've come to the conclusion that none of this can't be sure. They are all thoughts dancing up and down my head. I will know for sure probably on Friday, but I'll know the non-official results on Wednesday at noon.

Of course, medicine it;s not an easy faculty. There will be 6 years and I'll have a lot of work for that matter. I'll have seminaries, lectures, practical courses and most of all, lessons among dead bodies, dissecting them step by step in order to learn the mysteries of the human body. It will a long way. But in this journey I'll find great stories, meet wonderful people and learn whatever it is needed to become a great doctor.

It's very late right now and I'm going to shut this down. Next 2 days will be full and I'll have to make the most of it.  See you soon, with or without it! ;-)

PS. I have to write about Barcelona and my dreams to move there (at least during the summer).

Monday, July 16, 2012

Things should be simple. Or are they?

You probably noticed I'm pretty a non-driven person. I'm almost never decided about one thing or another, and I question the facts all the time. I wonder what to do, what's best to do, what not to try and stuff like that, but most of all - I'm asking myself WHAT DO I WANT?! Because not knowing the answer to this question may lead to serious unhappiness. And the truth is that, the more I let go thinking about it, the closer I get to seeing things as they are: simple. And the simple fact of being aware of this makes me feel better. I'll start with the beginning: I am here, I want to go there. The rest will come along.

Moving to Barcelona - Letter of the week (8)

I so much missed writing and posting in here! I have to admit I should take more time to put my thoughts into words, it's such a nice reminder when reading after some time!

I have been in Barcelona, visiting and seeing the most of it, and this city left such great impression on me, that I'm setting the next vacation there! Which is not going to be really a vacation, because we are planning moving in there. Yes, you 'heard' that right! You probably know if you read my blog that we were thinking of relocating, see the post here. I so much wanna fly there and settle down with work and have a nice little cozy apartment, that we are actually looking for it. I've started looking the internet and comparing the prices, the offers and all that kind of stuff you need to live there, especially the one implying costs for food/water, rent, bills for monthly utilities and so on... SO many stuff to arrange, set, plan! We are very excited, my husband liked so much in there, loved the weather, the people, the language! I have to admit I wanted to write that in Spanish, but than I've realized it will take too much to find my words and put them together, that I will eventually lose my thoughts! LOL! That's not something to laugh about it, I should have known how to write a simple 'story' and how to narate the things that happen in there...but then again, I have no exercise with that! English comes so much more into hand, and the words come naturally. Even if sometimes I can't find my words in English, I quickly find a replacement for the word in question!

So this is it, we are so planning this relocation that I have to tell you my keyboard burns into typing work offers, apartments finds and absolutely necessary things we need.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Only 15 hours to go

Tomorrow (like better said today) we'll hit to the airport and fly to Barcelona. I have to tell you I'm pretty anxious about it and want to make sure I won't forget a thing. We are still not sure whether the airport security officers will let us pass with some things we have in our luggages like my mascara, or eye shadows or my eye pencils. They may say these are potential harmful and may hurt someone or may be used as weapons? I really hope they will let us pass with this, as I don't have my body oil, my toothbrush or tooth paste....and I have no clue where will get all that in Barcelona...late evening...oh!

But I intend to pay for the big luggage when we come back from Barcelona, so we can actually buy so things like perfume, deodorants, face cream or body or I don't know...WE don't have too much money so that's why we haven't decided yet. The truth is that I don't want to spend too much money, but them again, I really don't want to feel sorry I haven't bought some souvenirs to remind us this trip.

I'll go to bed now, I want to get up early, at 8 or 8:30....

See you in Barcelona!