Friday, October 9, 2015

Wet and Cold Autumn

Long days of summer are long gone now. The wet and cold autumn is finally almost settled in and we are expecting cold temperatures. In fact, wet and cold are two best describing words right now. And colds are in, too.
It's been two weeks since a cold is haunting me, and somehow has put its dirty hands on me four days ago. And since I'm expecting, I can only rely on natural medicine and other not so harmful remedies.

But even with this cold in my given situation, I still can be grateful for all that I have in my life right now. It's easy to forget the good stuff once you've facing obstacles in your life. I don't want to lose gratitude, though.
At the moment I'm fighting with mucus and it gets pretty hard to breath without coughing all the tine. My nose is full with mucus and I thought this is getting better, but what do I know?! I can only hope it will pass soon, coz I have another two missing sleep hours this night, too! And I really need sleep this period of my life...

I'll try to get some sleep and tomorrow I might be back with some art I've done lately.

much love,

Monday, June 22, 2015

Letter of the week 16

It's raining like crazy. There are less than 12 degrees Celcius outside and the sky looks pretty mad for this hour. It is June. Really?

This weather is nothing common for June, and it's affecting us all. Headaches, general ill feeling, bone pains, etc. are what I"ve heard my friends complaining - and we are not elderly people!

Anyways, what's worse is that after all these really cold days of June, July is ready to break in with dog days and all that...we are expecting up to 40 degrees and to tell you the truth, I think they are not giving us the real temperature because people would freak out. Temperatures like that in central Europe were not common in the past. But as the years pass, the global heating temperatures go off the edge here, too.

I used to love summers. Really. They were my best friend when I was a teenager and in my very young adult life. What they've become...I can't say I love that much.

To sweeten up a little bit the evening, after we came back from down town, we have some amazing cocas, a Spanish disk we "faked" in our own style: took slices of homemade cheese rolled pie, covered them with a slice of pressed cheese, placed them into the oven tray after preheating, and took them out after 12 minutes. Can't say how amazing they taste! Water-mouthing bits of happiness on a plate! We served them with tomatoes slices and a little bit of dill and oregano on top!

I hope you all will have a wonderful week!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Daler Rowney Sketchbook? Half way done!

Here is a flip through my mini Daler Rowney Sketchbook. This is half way completed, and I'll probably do another flip through when it's done completely. There are mostly watercolors washes because the paper is so thin, but all in all, it's a great sketchbook to carry around wherever you go to grab it and quickly sketch something. I would love to hear from you in the comment section. And if you love this video, give thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! See you soon!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker video book review

Hello dear ones! Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker book just arriver yesterday and I thought it would be nice to make a short video flip though so you can see what's inside. In the video below I'll show you some of the art materials I use to create my portraits and art journal pages! Enjoy it! And don't forget to tell me what you think about it in the comments below.


Sunday, May 31, 2015

VLOG May 30, 2015 - Canvas |Meditation|

Hey there creative souls! This is what's new around here lately and I found that it's way better to record video blogs rather than to write them down. This is my first vlog (or at least the first first I get to publish), so be patient with it! ;) 

So what's new? Well, I know I haven't posted here in a month, but you know where I post at least twice a week, on

This month flew by and I feel so happy with summer approaching so fast! I wouldn't mind this weather all year long, but I know that's not possible, at least not where I live. 
So this is it...jump in and enjoy!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Brown paper bag April Community Thrive Art journaling challenge {video}

Brown paper bag April Community Thrive Art journaling challenge {video}

Brown paper bag April Community Thrive Art journaling challenge by Cristina Parus @

I've been inspired by Heather Santos to create this brown paper bag video where I've used the brown paper bag to create art envelopes. Heather created five cute & sweet hearts! Yay! How cool is that? I've always wanted to use my brown paper to create some art, so I thought now it's the moment to try my hand.

Brown paper bag April Community Thrive Art journaling challenge

Want to see how I've made these envelopes? Here is the video I've created. Enjoy!

Now I'm curious what's ahead for May art journaling challenge!

See you soon,


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Derwent Art Journal Flip through -

Flipping through one of my most loved art journals - Derwent Classic Book are perfect alternative to more expensive ones. They don't have super high quality paper, but they are great for mixed media, especially if you gesso the pages first. I seldom did that in this journal, and even so, the pages take water pretty well for a journal that claims to be intended for pencils only.

*****************MAKE SURE to turn on the English subtitle/CC!*******************

Friday, April 17, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Soft Pastel Portrait

Yesterday I went back to graphite pencils and drew this girly-face in my Derwent Art Journal. It was pretty ugly with that neglectful look when I finished the pencil sketch, so I thought adding soft pastels will make her look much better...
 Soft pastels

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Alternative art journal paper + soft pastel portrait

Alternative art journal paper soft pastel portrait -

What to do with the packaging left overs? If you are like me, first thing that comes thru your mind is ‘how can I use that?’ Maybe an art journal out of packaging paper? Yeah, why not? I have this paper from an online order that came last week. What to do with it? I thought a journal will work very well, as I’ve seen this kind of journal sometime when I first started with art journaling, only that I never had the chance to create one.

Click on the post title to read more on how I made this handmade journal!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

You have wings to FLY!

You have wings to FLY! | Creative Mag

I have to admit that not having a face on the page is definitely not my style. But that doesn’t mean this is the last time I’m going to try this paper overlapping art journal kind of page. After all, it was fun trying to arrange the paper bits in such a way to visually look better.
Of course, there’s plenty of room for something better than the page today, but for the moment I am happy with it as it’s the first time when trying this kind of art journal page, leaving outside the usual faces my journal hosted until today.

Click to read more! 


See you soon,

Friday, March 6, 2015 plus some insights!

Sit back and have a cup of coffee with me...

As I'm getting ready for summer... (or mostly dreaming about summer days on a rainy-snowing day)

What's new on the blog...
Want to know how I made this art journal page? Click Here!

My Dear Ones,
It's been a crazy busy-ness in the past couple of months and I tried to keep up with the flow. But having two blogs I need to constantly update it's been really really crazy for me. That's one of the reasons you haven't seen too many blog posts around here. Actually, I only posted one at the beginning of the year.
So I decided to simplify the process and write bilingual English-Romania posts on my self-hosted blog at 

From now on, I'll be posting my art journal pages mostly on and keep you updated with my latest art journaling pages. However, this blog here hosted on blogger will continue going as a place of sharing my personal thoughts and stories as they come and go. So stick around and come visit from time to time, because I'll be posting about my life and occasionally about the process of creating my art journal pages :) 

Hugs & Love,

PS. Have you seen this art journal page? Click HERE to open the box! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome, 2015!

This year has started with a very cold weather and we decided to stay indoors rather than going out to celebrate, like we use to do every New Year's Eve. But that wasn't really a problem, because we had fireworks in the neighbourhood and champagne was delicious, served with a piece of pineapple cake.

2015 is here already! And we have to make it worth in every second! I can tell you that 2014 was a great year for me, but 2015 is going to be magnificent! I know that for a fact, because I have a strong feeling about it!