Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pears and Apples - Art journal page {video}

As the fall steps in and we are getting closer and closer to Christmas, all I want is to draw and paint every golden-red leaf and red-orange-green items, like trees, pumpkins and....apples!

These days my art journal asked for watercolor play! And what better way to practice your bliss if not drawing and painting some apples?

I also did this with six pears and got the same stunning effect. You can choose whatever item you like, just start drawing and illustrate that item in as many angles as possible.

Choose something simple, so you won't have to elaborate the drawings too much.
You are going to love the result, no matter how bad or good you think the drawing has come out..

And you know why you're going to love it? Because you created the page!

To see the making of these apples, I uploaded a video on YouTube:


Hasta pronto,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Creating with unconventional materials

For an art journal maker like I am, it's great to have all the materials you need to create at your finger. But that's not always the case, because where I live, they are hard to find.

Only in the past few months I have come to discover several online stores with art supplies that I can actually use for art journaling. Of course, I had paints and colored pencils, watercolor pencils, oil and soft pastels, etc., but so little few stamps and stencils! And when i did find some interesting stamps in physic stores, they were sooo expensive that I wonder if somebody ever buys them! Not to mention the ink pads!

Even worse when it comes to stencils. I could barely manage to find 2 or 3 a year ago at a local store when I was looking for something totally different. I'm glad that I can now say that stencils are very much getting on the shelves and many of them can serve perfect for creating art journal pages! 

But even if I have about 20 stencils or so, I always want more. And I found this sink plastic protection when I was just "browsing" a dollar store shelf. I thought I would be a great stencil and I was right! Look at the result:

Gorgeous, isn/t it?

Friday, October 3, 2014

What's on your art table?

Following the example of Roben Marie, here is what's on my table today:

I've started with a simple drawing...

Intended to use only watercolor, but I cannot help adding acrylics...

And working on the background with stencils...

Here is the final result ;) 
Her torso as well as the other page will serve as space for journaling!

See you soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

21 SECRETS is up and running

One of my quick watercolor faces I did in my mini-art journal ;) 

Yesterday I unwrapped 21 Secrets e-book and watched some of the videos! My first pick? Dion Dior! She is a great artist and the videos are so much worth every penny!

I was familiar with many of the techniques presented there, but viewing those only made me want to paint more and reinforced what I already knew deep inside: we are all unique creators, and we can unfold so beautiful to release the wonder inside each and every one of us!

I wanted to have 21 secrets FALL 2014 to learn new tips and tricks, but also to support the amazing artists and their creative flow.

Also, I would love to win a LIFE BOOK 2015 free spot because I find LIFE BOOK even more exciting!