Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sleepless night - letter of the week 11

That's why I don't go to parties and weddings. Next day I'm always dizzy {and not because of drinking too much!}. And that happens with no exception. They all take place during the night. Why people love that?! What's with this night thing, is that people see more of what they want to see and less of the reality? Yea, that could be it, I don't know. But I've never really enjoyed a night party, not even when I was in my 20 and something. Maybe because I saw people looking all that miserable just to impress one another. Having a few cups of drinks just to be themselves. To be who they really are, they need to drink first. And what a wedding would be if would take place during the day? I mean, no light, no night mystery, no shinning starts, no fool moon, no fireworks, nothing of these?! Pathetic, isn't it?
This is not the way I see things. I find it very romantic for a wedding to take place during a lovely sunny {not very hot} summer evening, close to nature and in the nature, being on the side of a lake or on the beach with the sand at your feet. But no. People want to loose the horses and actually go blind with the night. And for most of them, this is the only way that goes.

I don't know what kept me from sleeping last night, maybe was the fool moon or the strong cappuccino I had at 11 AM, but it was horrible for me to be awake almost all night.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm an angel

It's hard being an angel. People staring at you like you're not there or something. Hearing "I'm an angel" make them just smile. Like yea, you're not for real. Like a real angel should have white wings and a small little circle above the head. Like we should be all invisible and help you get through hard moments or push you to do this and that. It's nothing like that, you do all the job. You make the decision. And, most of the time, you call for us and expect to be there.

I've helped an old man with orientation yesterday. And when I say that I mean the directions for where he was heading, because it was an tourist wanting to see the old city. Old city was on my way, so I've decided to guide him until the destination.

People act strange when they see you want to help them. The question "May I help you, Sir?" makes one to wonder if I don't want to cheat on them, steal their money and run away. This man answered: "um, Yes and No!" ..."Hmm, Yes, I want to get to..." People are so unreliable nowadays that you cannot blame them for thinking such thing.

Yes, there are living angels among us and I'm one of them. People look odd at me when saying that, but I'll continue doing it because this is it what I am: an angel. I have to be there when people need me. I have to keep an open eye when walking down the street. And pay attention what people say around me, you never know when one may need my help.

Friday, September 28, 2012

alisaburke: a peek inside my sketchbook- working through inspi...

Oh, I just found this incredible drawings and paintings! alisaburke: a peek inside my sketchbook- working through inspi... And I love the way she paints them and makes all those look so real! ;-)

Take a peek! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

You can create an exceptional life!

You Can Create An Exceptional LifeYou Can Create An Exceptional Life by Louise L. Hay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What people do really want in this life? What would be life without wishes?! And what would one do if there's nothing to fight about?!

Life is full of unexpected situations, big opportunities, small sweet is wonderful! And if you get to see this sparkling side you're on your way! You found your path! Be happy, relax, do what you like and make life as you want it to be! You hate your job? Do something and change it, discover the things you like to do and do that instead of going every day at work doing what you really hate! You're no longer in a good wonderful relationship? Then do something! Change it, see what's wrong, do the right moves, discover the trouble and move forward! Never stay in a relationship just because your friends say so, or your parents or the society! You have the right to be happy no matter what! Don't be ashamed! Step aside! And the list can go on.... BE WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO BE and all the rest will come to you!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The golden laptop

This is my laptop, an ordinary one, so what I've thought: why not make it more fashionable!?

It looks pretty-pretty, isn't it?

And I thought it will stay like that, but guess what?!
I think not! 
After one day, it started to show all the fingerprints, and even worse than that, it started to peel off!

I don't have a picture with it right now, but it looks terrible! I guess I didn't use the proper spray, it didn't adhere well to the laptop plastic-like surface.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I feel blessed

And I am {love}  

And when I am, I grab some papers, materials and other useful stuff and start "digging the project". What else can I do? It feels sooo good! This is not quite finished as you can see, there's a stem missing on my Inspirational Journal cover, not to mention the leaves, IMAGINE I dyed some beige string with green water colours and totally lost it in the Goodies' box! ;-))) That's so hilarious, isn't it? 

And take a look at these color crayons!

After taking the crayons picture, I draw my first silly 'painting' in years! 
It was indeed a happy day!

And the first page of my inspirational journal is ...the above one! because when you live the life you imagine everything seems so easy and so handy, even if sometimes can be exhausting! 
I can also say: "Imagine the life you want to live", because when you think big! things happen! Imagine, dream with your eyes open and things will come along the way
if you cannot do affirmations, the do imagination! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another autumn night

Silence. Just the rain drops dancing on the asphalt. Silence. Just the rain in the night and its beautiful refreshing smell. After a beautiful warm autumn day, which can be very well called a genuine summer day, the rain came in town. We were expecting this to come, but I thought it will be colder than it is for this hour. You can actually leave the window open and listen to the rain drops. You can enjoy it to its full, thinking of the next summer. Oh, the summer! I already miss the warm days, precisely because this summer was too - WAY TOO HOT - to enjoy it. We had over 40 for more than 1 month and that was terrible.Having 40  and something during the day(not in the sun!), but 24 or so during the night was a ....nightmare!

It started to rain even more. I can hear some cars passing by and I see the public light going on and off: they didn't fix it. It's been like that for more than 2 years now, as I recall. I've closed the window and come back to my laptop. It's a lovely autumn night and I should go to sleep with my Sex at Dawn which I hold next to my bed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sex at Dawn

Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern SexualitySex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality by Christopher Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I set my mind to buy this book when I've heard about it. I know there's more than just sex, I've always knew that. And I've always felt that we humans are not monogamous, but something more than just two parts forming a couple, bended into marriage and united by our kids. NO. You have to read this book if you want to discover THE REAL YOU. The truth beyond the veil. The force of all things, hidden very well by the society, religion and dogmas. Held behind walls and unspoken. YOU REALLY HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK. YOU OUGHT TO. It's mandatory. It's like the air you breath and like the ground you walk on. Have no idea where all that sexual attraction is coming from or why you feel the way you feel sometimes, then grab this book and read it. And keep it close, you may actually want to review some pages. I've read the first 55 pages in 1 day! And I'm not a fast reader at all!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 things

And here it's the reality - letter of the week 10

I can be mean sometimes. Especially when not knowing the difference between a person in need and a "business beggar". It's when you find your peace and get all the suddenly you get interrupted by one of this kind of people who are begging all day long for different things: there are ones who say they need money for food, others to raise their children, and others to buy medicine. The one that came towards me was one from the last category, the one saying (not to write pretending) she needs money for medicine. It was a woman, 68 years old, probably single, with kids out of the country, all forgotten about. Where are all this practically disappearing and why? Why do they just leave like that and never return? How they can live with it? What we can do to help this kind of people who worked their asses all life to get a miserable retirement pension?
I was mean because I thought she needs money for drinking something, but I soon realised that she's not pretending. At least I hope so. That's the thing: I cannot tell for sure. When can we know for sure when there's really need and where is a business out of this?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here comes the inspiration

I just wanted to get home to create something, but on my way home what I did was to lose myself in the stores and waste my time there. I was unable to move my feet home and I only arrived after an hour or so.
And when I got home, my mind moved from creating thing to "creating words". I had so much in my head, but let it all go while sitting and having my lunch. After that, my mind seemed to get blank and none of my previous ideas were there any more.

I was telling you about this guy who practically went to hell and back again just to be alive and be able to walk again. I keep thinking of him when my mind is telling me 'I want that, I desire the other", because this way I'll cherish my blessings and remind myself I am a beautiful, lucky, blessed woman with almost everything one could ask in life: all I have to do is focus on what I have, what I know, what I'm good at and start from here. See where I can get. Do something actually. Get set for the action. Go with the flow. I know all this sound a little bit idealistic, but that is the reason why people don't "move" in their lives. We tend to do the same things all over again and expect something to change. Well, ain't gonna change if you're doing the same thing all over..BUT it will sure get better at some point if you keep trying and trying until you get the results you're satisfied with.

I have this strong feeling that doing something will eventually get back the results wanted. 

When you do something, it's impossible not to have results. I know those can very well let us expect more than we want, but at some point you'll look back and say "I DID IT!" And the feeling will be great! I'm sure of that! And speaking of which, I really have to do something with my moving to Barcelona idea. I don't exactly know what should I do and what is the next step, but I believe I'll know when the moment is right. I will just know. I will feet it. IF and only IF I'll be aware of the signs.

Monday, September 3, 2012

just a quick thought - Letter of the week 9

In spite of everything they say about the crisis and all that hard living situation, my instincts tell me that I have to go. I don't know why and I don't really know how, BUT I have to do it. A part of me screaming for this and I guess I have to pass through this experience on my way here, on Earth. And the reason I feel this way is because I had a meeting with maybe the most 'beaten by the faith' man I've ever met in my life: a man that was at some point more dead than alive and who stood by and believed that he can do it! And HE DID IT! So, what's keeping me back? !

I'll be back :)