Thursday, January 24, 2008

what a dream means to you

last night I had a strange dream: well, not really strange, but anyhow, unexpected.

I was in some kind of church and a priest was talking things ( I guess about God). And there were a lot of people around, but was not an usual church meeting. Suddenly, right in front of me I saw a man putting a gun on a lady's head, but I don't really know what he was after. Nobody saw that, and I was afraid to say or do samething. Then a tall men came right from the crowd and peacefully took the aggressor's gun and with a calm accent said: "This isn't a place for such things". And the aggressor stood behind, but I was still afraid of him, just knowing he is in there. Then the crowd moved forward, and everyone took an apple from a bag that was placed in front of the priest and everyone got out using a side door. Then I and my lover (and the whole crowd that was still inside) move forward right in front of the priest, so I could see him and hear his preach. (my lover was with me from the beginning of the dream)
And when there was all silence again, the priest looked at me, softly touched my shoulder and ask me: "Where is Jesus?" And I began to say crying in the same time while speaking, that HE is everywhere around us, He's right there with us, we just have to open our eyes widely to see Him. I start to say that we should all look deep inside ourselves to find Him. He can be in our rooms, He can walk with us on the street, he can pass by, He can be everywhere around us, but it's up to us to see Him.
I was deeply in my speech, when a man behind me stopped me saying: "ja-ja, bla bla, we know that already".... . And I haven't said anything else after that, but I remember I was looking for a hamper bag with apples to see what is the most good looking apple so I can take it......this is when it ends..... WHAT do you THINK about this dream? dreaming about talking about Jesus? I have to mention that the priest was affirmatively gave me to understood I was right when I said all this things about our Jesus...I was crying in the dream when saying all this....and I think I was also crying when I wake up...

what do you think about THE MEANING OF this dream?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sweet things do become precious

when you really learn to appreciate them!
these days (really today) my dear is having his first day at the new job. I really heard nothing about him till now and I'm curious how things went with it. I guess there must be something new to him and he was a little nervious when we left this morning at work.
the fact is that he got a well paid job and we all are anxious to see how he is dealing with it: I guess he is now talking with his parents about it; as I'm not in there he can stay and chat freely without interrupting any kind. I wish still he won't forget me, I'm still here, waiting....

what to good things? Always SMILE --- I'll start a new round of exams on January 26th and Statistics will be the first one. I'm kinda nervious about it cos I'm not really into this, but I hope I'll manage somehow to get a good mark...this is only the first one out of the 7 exams I have to pass this session.

Monday, January 14, 2008

what a wonderful me

this weekend was totaly amazing colorful with spicy little kisses on the top: I just came to realize I don't wanna let happiness go by without having a piece of it. and I just know how to make it mine: being and living things the way they are. it's true I got nervous when I found out some things were mixed up by my moher-in-low, but it is pure and simple that I cannot change this until we get our place to stay, our home, no-matter where that will be, although I want it to be closer to my birth place: somewhere in Bucharest or near by...

yesterday me and my baby went to see some clothes at Dinasty shop on Unirea Shopping Center. and we picked up some really handsome sweaters and two tied-shirts and a pair of dark amethist-like pants! when we arrived at home, after he met with an ex-colleague, my baby tried on the clothes we bought and he is sooo sexy, so damn sexy he is! I just love the way those clothes make him more confident and powerful...all was "paid" with a 1000 lei voucher won on a Christhmas contest, but we got the voucher with almost three weeks delay...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

evening music

thought it would be nice to listen in some music. and I found the "I got it from my mum" song, love it really. then goes Nicole Shersinger with her videoclip I just saw on tv a few mints ago. I didn't check up yet to see if I have that one on my playlist, but I'll do it right away. Meanwhile, my baby is sleeping becouse last night couldn't get too much sleep becouse of me snoring. :( bad girl! but it's becouse I'm sick and cannot breath normally....
it's late now and I'm gotta have some dinner cos I'm hmmmm hungry!

Friday, January 11, 2008


tonight I've realized how happy I am. life can be so amazing! you live, you cry, you love!
tonight I've received the most precious gift I ever could have: the gift of sharing. the gift of sharing love. it's maybe I never was so happy, feeling so peacefull and joyful like tonight.
tonight I've descovered that life can be sweet without big things. we should never ever forget what happiness is: a long chain of crys - only if we let it be. only if we don't open our eyes to see the deep nature of the things around us. only if we expect everything to be simple and fine, won't draw us happiness. life it's complicated, true, and we can only live it to its best when we learn how to appreciate every little thing that comes by.

a lil few about

Here it's a little bit more about.
about everything. I said that before, but now I want to make it different. it doesn't matter what I write about, it's all in here. All my thoughts about things. About life, about relations and stuff.
I like to write and practice my language and my ability to turn ordinary daily facts into beautiful fantasy stories. Enjoy!

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