Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happiness on sale

Happiness for sale! Love, prosperity and wisdom! Oh, you can find them all right here, on this Facebook page! 

Oh, what would people buy just to fulfil their wishes! They blindly believe a bracelet can bring happiness, when happiness in right inside every one of us! And prosperity, when prosperity is something to should achieve by hard work, and not by waiting just to come by! And, oh, wisdom! How can one imagine a bracelet will bring wisdom along with it? How can one possibly believe that, when wisdom is something you have deep inside you and you cultivate all your life, but it is there right from your birth. Is either you have it or you don't have it! One way or another!
These bracelets are gorgeous though, but I prefer to create my own bracelets instead of buying them!


  1. People are mad about things like this...THEY believe whatever they can in order to concur happiness~

  2. Don't know what you expected but most of all women do buy this kind of things....I'm surprised you don't, and prefer to make your own.

  3. Marcas de felicidad!

  4. They are gorgeous! I believe I can make this myself, but I don't have the materials for that...


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