Monday, July 16, 2012

Moving to Barcelona - Letter of the week (8)

I so much missed writing and posting in here! I have to admit I should take more time to put my thoughts into words, it's such a nice reminder when reading after some time!

I have been in Barcelona, visiting and seeing the most of it, and this city left such great impression on me, that I'm setting the next vacation there! Which is not going to be really a vacation, because we are planning moving in there. Yes, you 'heard' that right! You probably know if you read my blog that we were thinking of relocating, see the post here. I so much wanna fly there and settle down with work and have a nice little cozy apartment, that we are actually looking for it. I've started looking the internet and comparing the prices, the offers and all that kind of stuff you need to live there, especially the one implying costs for food/water, rent, bills for monthly utilities and so on... SO many stuff to arrange, set, plan! We are very excited, my husband liked so much in there, loved the weather, the people, the language! I have to admit I wanted to write that in Spanish, but than I've realized it will take too much to find my words and put them together, that I will eventually lose my thoughts! LOL! That's not something to laugh about it, I should have known how to write a simple 'story' and how to narate the things that happen in there...but then again, I have no exercise with that! English comes so much more into hand, and the words come naturally. Even if sometimes I can't find my words in English, I quickly find a replacement for the word in question!

So this is it, we are so planning this relocation that I have to tell you my keyboard burns into typing work offers, apartments finds and absolutely necessary things we need.


  1. Hay primero de conseguir trabajo despues mudarte por aqui! Deberas tener un buen contracto con una impresa o algo, y analizarlo muy attentamente que no sea una broma y te compliques mas. saludos y mucha suerte!

  2. Gracias por tus consejos, Maria! Aún no sabemos cuál es el proximo paso, pero estamos buncando la mejor opción!

    Un abrazo fuerte,


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