Saturday, June 21, 2008

everyone has secrets

ok, ok, now it's been more than 1 month since I last wrote something in here....and it feels strange.
I have more than one blog, I write in more than one language and I barely can keep the number of my entries. Never mind anyway. Recently I finished reading a book called 'can you keep a secret?' and that made me really think about my own secrets. Do I have some secrets? Of course I do! everyone does have secrets. Do I want to share them? Umm, not precisely. But I cannot help it. There are some so terribly growing stories that I have to show up and make them alive. Of course, I'll change them a little bit, so they won't be too dramatic or something. But the 'yey' it's still there.

First one is a sexual one, with the 2003 or so for the code. I was in a relationship and he was really involved in a 'three-party-relation' meaning that he was seeing some girl along with her b/f at that time. I was so angry that I couldn't believe that was really happening.

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