Sunday, January 18, 2009

like wow~

let's try to remember. it's been so long since my last blog entry and I know I've let you down with all the stuff, but! I'm going to summarize all that happen all this time.
now we are on January 18th 2009 and the time it's accelerating even more. On October 15th 2007 I had my nose operation and got it very well, meaning that the recovery after the operation went really fast and well. I did not had yellow eyes ;)) nor violet circles around the eyes. in one week I was brand-new! Then came up the actually recovery after the surgery; it was cold outside and could not go anywhere. I had to stay at home almost all the time: whenever I tried to go outside, my nose felt like I was holding a piece of ice right on the nose bone. It was horrible! But then the spring 'came into house' and everything changed. it was beautiful to breath so nicely and easily! I couldn't believe my nose! LOL! Not to mention that the doctor worked it a bit and did a great job when you think that he is a ORL doctor, not a plastic surgeon~ I'm so proud not of my nose!

On the other hand, on April 14th 2008 I found a new job, couldn't stand to sit at home doing nothing, with no money of my own. So I decided to go to a job fare and search for a actually better paid job than the previous one and guess what?! I've received a phone call a few days later saying I'm invited to an interview. It was from a bank, a banking news! LOL. Never expected to work in a bank and here I am! I'm still working in that bank! Isn't that great? The only think is that now we are going thru a financial crisis as you may all know already. And there may be some personal reorganization and ...uh, I don't know what it will be. In fact, I have already set a new interview with the bank representative in order to see what it will be like and if I still have the chance to work for the company or....I'll have to find a new employer. I will know it right the way. Or at least I hope so, my nose never left me down. Not till now. So,....I'll just know if they want me or not. I guess they will tell me more, because we already had a previous general meeting with all the other employees and they told us...nothing. Meaning that they turned the words so nice from one hand to another that you cannot actually understand a think. Not even one. Because they want to keep us in stand-by until they decide which one suits the best to their standards. Pfff!!!! Very clever, but also very rude.

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