Monday, April 12, 2010

Kunder Broker - what a joke!

Kunder Broker - What a joke!

This week-end, me and my boyfriend attended an business seminary on how to do business, of course. The only thing that was not said in proper word was that one has to lie a lot in order to achieve her/his goal: to make that person to sign a contract, a life insurance that costs a lot of money (about 2500romanian lei - meaning about 1000$) - an amount that can be hardly paid one time (for the first year) and then quartly. But still, not nice. There are a few people that can pay that amount now when the crisis has come over.

Hear what you want - heh!

Yes, hear what you want to hear, not what you should or what you don't like. The people that held the training were using nice words, forgetting to say what was most important: this is not a job that can be made by anyone. Not anyone can do this kind of job: you have to be persuasive and have a really good view about the products and services provided. Instead of this, we got some bullshit bla-bla talk about the "easy" thing doing business, when the truth what totally different: you have to play the jack with one and another in order to bring them into your teem and then make them understand how it works and then, d'oh!, convince them to continue doing the same! Can you believe that? I mean, this guys have a lot of nervs to do this!

How to get rich when the crisis strikes

Who gets richer on the market in crisis times? Who else than someone who already has a lot of money and can play them very well to achieve the goal of having more and more!!!!?! Some insurance company, some outsourcing company or maybe own your bank and that's it! This guys are only investing in more and more money, wanting to cover all the market, to have more and more consultants to push the things further and further!

I made up my mind

And decided to stay with the health insurances when the moment will come. The only thing for that I'm going to "fight": it will be much more easier to convince people to sign with your company since they have nothing to pay. 2% will be held in the personal health insurance account. Starting with July or August, we don't know for sure- and I'm going to make as much as I can when the start is done, taking into consideration that the amount of money for each insurance signed will be around 40 euros. I just love this, yes. :) And can barely wait. Don't know if we are going to have a proper summer holiday this year, but for sure it will be full. Then, with the money we manage to save, maybe we'll buy something.

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