Monday, June 22, 2015

Letter of the week 16

It's raining like crazy. There are less than 12 degrees Celcius outside and the sky looks pretty mad for this hour. It is June. Really?

This weather is nothing common for June, and it's affecting us all. Headaches, general ill feeling, bone pains, etc. are what I"ve heard my friends complaining - and we are not elderly people!

Anyways, what's worse is that after all these really cold days of June, July is ready to break in with dog days and all that...we are expecting up to 40 degrees and to tell you the truth, I think they are not giving us the real temperature because people would freak out. Temperatures like that in central Europe were not common in the past. But as the years pass, the global heating temperatures go off the edge here, too.

I used to love summers. Really. They were my best friend when I was a teenager and in my very young adult life. What they've become...I can't say I love that much.

To sweeten up a little bit the evening, after we came back from down town, we have some amazing cocas, a Spanish disk we "faked" in our own style: took slices of homemade cheese rolled pie, covered them with a slice of pressed cheese, placed them into the oven tray after preheating, and took them out after 12 minutes. Can't say how amazing they taste! Water-mouthing bits of happiness on a plate! We served them with tomatoes slices and a little bit of dill and oregano on top!

I hope you all will have a wonderful week!

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