Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New year everyone!

Happy New Year! 

And hope you all have a great magnificent year! 

We have enjoyed a super new year's party with lots of laugh and delicious food, and I only went to bed at 6AM, when I was more than exhausted! 

I love this pinky
After 6 hours, I was on my feet again and thought ...why not start 2013 doing something that I truly love and enjoy? So I took my sewing tool and started to sew on this new collar I'm working at these days: a soft pink with silver inserts, gorgeous to wear when spring comes in town. ;)

sewing and sewing

And because the New Year's Eve we have to shine, I've wore my nails in glitter! 

I love this manicure!

And we've enjoyed our xbox by playing bowling and other games.

This is me looking for the ball...

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