Monday, November 11, 2013

Another week begins

It's 11.11.2013 and it's the first day of November when there is actually cloudy outside. We got used very quick with high temperatures for November and the shining sun feeling like 27 degree in the air! No more of that now! We'll have to bear with this till Christmas. Or maybe not. Maybe the sun is planing otherwise. Either way, I have prepared myself for winter: have been taking lots of sun for Vit. D and lots of happy from the kids running and laughing around me when I was out for a walk.

With all of that said, I cannot help feeling dreamy. If it's the monotone November or the waiting for Christmas, I cannot tell. I think is a little bit from both of them. Knowing that another year is close to an ending and that Christmas is so close that I can even hear the carols. Maybe that's why we have Christmas at the end of the year, after November, so everybody can chill and sing to the joy of life. 

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