Friday, December 20, 2013

Let the Christmas vibe be with you

We are getting very close to Christmas and I'm so excited as I slow down with work and let myself pampered with Christmas decorations, fine delicious food and maybe some red boiled wine (with no brandy added), why not?

As I work with my soul to embrace the peace of the moment, I've drawn some Christmas globes in my art journal. Here's the result I got:

At first I wanted to glow them with some glitter and make them pop, which I did...until I get to play with some white acrylic on the right globe above, which turned to be very much like snow. This is when I've decided to add snow to my page. 

The golden touch couldn't look better on the globes, and so I've added more and more on the red and yellow ones.

And here is the final result, with the snow flakes flying all over the page:

This page has a watercolor background made with sprays and simple dripping play. Then I drew the globes with watercolor pencils and filled in with acrylics, changing the colors tones and reflection. I've added the snow ans show flakes accidentally, while I was painting the right white globe. It's that beautiful? 

How are you getting ready for Christmas? 

Merry Christmas to all of you and have a creative time with the family!

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