Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I am in love...again! - letter of the week 15

Middle of the week. Hope you're not bored or tired...just yet! I mean, I hope you're not bored at all, because that would be a big problem to be solved. If you're bored, it means something isn't quite right. Right? :)

I wake up today thinking about what I shall write in my journal, and I opened Louise Hay positive affirmations to just listen in the background. I instantly loaded with positiveness and good inspiring thoughts. A new day begins, what are you going to do to make it awesome?

I don't know how the shift happened, but it did. I think I was browsing the internet for some beautiful art inspiration when I saw some drawings and paintings completed with soft pastels. And I don't even know what the technique being use is called, but I love they way those paintings are looking! It was then when I realized that I was unfair to the "poor" soft pastels. I thought they are too chalky for me and that I could never create something with them. BUT I was wrong. It was probably the poor quality of the pastels I tried to use that left the impression on me that I don't like soft pastels.

{ I took a break from writing here and when I came back, I found a comment to one of my paintings on a group I belong saying: "I really like the fauvist style of this piece.". It was just what I needed to know. The fauvist style it is the technique I was talking about earlier! It all come to me just when I need them!}

Have an amazing Wednesday! 

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