Friday, May 23, 2014

Whimsical animals

These days I feel I need to try everything when it comes to art: if it's not painting, it is drawing, if it;s not real, it;s whimsical! So here it's my first whimsical dog I ever did. And to tell you the truth, I love it so much!

I just started to sketch this sweet dog without having the final result in my mind. Then I thought it would look good with some splash color all over his face and body. SO I took my acrylic paints and started to add color. And this is the result: I'm loving every bit of it!

I started drawing on a page I no longer liked. In fact, this was a page I didn't liked any more so I added glue and then paper collage. In the end I added color (blue) and on some other day, golden acrylic paint using a gorgeous technique I'm not going to talk about right now. And because of that collage, the page became thiker than the rest of the pages, just perfect to add even more layers of color.
I think perfection comes with practicing. JUST draw something today! Right now!

See you soon,

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