Thursday, July 3, 2014

Watercolor matching watermelon

Today I had my first slice of watermelon this year. It was even more delicious than I've expected! And then I remembered that I once saw some amazing art journals with watercolor illustrations of watermelon slices, and I thought, why not give it a try?

I took my Canson A5 art journal and started to sketch two slices of watermelon. I didn't work after a model, because the slice I had in front on my eyes on the table was too thin and ...didn't look that well as I wanted. The slice you see in the photo here was cut after I actually sketched the slices, just to take the photo. 

And after I sketched very lightly with a pencil the slices, I went to my favorite part: adding watercolor to it!  This is how it turned after only 10 minutes! I think anyone can draw and paint like this with a little bit of exercise. 

So what do you think? Next time when you have a slice of watermelon, why not beautifully "match" it with watercolor in your art journal?

Till next time,
Much love xx

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