Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting messy is great for the soul

I haven't posted around here in a while, but I was around! I did some painting and drawing and sketching! And it;s hard sometimes to balance between creating and writing. I love both, but many times I run out of time while I try to make them both.

I can't do them all AND that iS OK. One thing at a time, please :) 

Now here is my latest painting using mixed media. I wanted to create something free of any judgements and here is what I came up with. And to tell you the truth, the inner critique spoke to me at some point saying: "what's that craziness over there, girl?" But then I said: WAIT, at first it will look crazy and meaningless until it gets better and....better. And Nicer.  If I could paint like a child, I would. BUT I can paint like a child IF I let go. And I believe you can, too!

With no further introduction, here is the result. NOT final. I don't know what's missing, maybe more work on the background...who knows?! Maybe one day I'm gonna go back and add to this piece.

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