Monday, August 9, 2010

Time for tea, please!

Yes, again another time no posting.
This time is less time as was before. As reading my writings I've noticed some mistakes in the process. But I guess you all got it right.

Well, what happened lately? Very much had happened and very much is going to happen, of course. First of all, I have to complete my last writing and tell you I did not sustained that exam because I was afraid not to pass it, and more than that, I was afraid I'm going to pass it! And this was jut about to happen if I were there to sustain that exam. The admission grades were very low and I'm sure my grade could very well be over 8,50. But I wasn't there. That's it. And I'm even thinking it's better that way. What I'm going to do with medicine? Am I ready for such thing? Can I cope with it? I know, you'll say I worry too much, thinking too much and balancing too much, but this are true issues to think about. Can I manage this? Yes, I can manage everything, but I don't know if I still got the power as I'm hitting to change the 2 with the 3. eR?

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