Tuesday, November 9, 2010

say no to panic attaks!

This entry will be kept straight and short. 

No panic attacks. Haven't got any and I'm so pride of myself! I have to tell you I got another blog on wordpress, but still I'm inlove with blogger much more than with wordpress. I'm used with it, maybe, and find it much more easy to use than wordpress. Anyways, It's all about something different and it's public. Not that I can't make this public, is that I don't want to. What's the point?!

About the Kundalini awakening, I find that I can be very well happy after reading some OSHO books, other than Being in love - I had to read Courage - the pleasure to live dangerously, but also Consciousness, Joy, Compassion and others - who made me feel special and made me realize that life is really what you make it to be, what you want it to be. There's no secret to live as you want to, just to do it! Make that necessary changes in your life and everything will start to make sense. You'll see that the difference stays in what you do, think, act! Just act when ever you feel like and don't be afraid! That's all about in Courage, about not being afraid to do things you think are impossible to do! Nothing is really impossible if you think you can do it, if you think that changes - that we are often afraid - are meant to bust our lives in such way that you'll never want to live in this death-life you're living right now!

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