Saturday, March 12, 2011

Long enought!

I haven't write a line in here and I can barely find my words. I was away from panic attacks and I'm so happy about this. We are going through spring and my body is in a very good shape. I feel joy and I wanna share it with you too.

Lately {January 2011} I've discovered the power of raw food. I know the most of you aren't aware of this subject and maybe you never heard about it, but I can tell you it feels soooo good for the body! When you begin to eat raw food {fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts} you body starts to feel this change and what you get back from this is a GREAT health, great body shape, great skin condition, great smile&spirit, long shiny hair, hard strong nails and SO ON. I'm so happy about this you can't even imagine!

I won't bother you with details, the internet is full with all kind of information and advices you can check, but I'm going to tell you one thing: YOU GOTTA be prepared for this and MAKE SURE you're on your right way, because if you try this raw diet for a {very} long and then you come back to cooked food, you may even die! For example, one patient died after she tried boiled potatoes, that's because potatoes contain one toxic farina-starch that will harm so much the intestinal transit that can even block it! So be careful!

See you soon!

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