Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In wonderland

I mean, what was that!?

The other day I entered Linkedin web page, a site which provides work connection, but not only. And when I've opened the page and signed in, there was my list with the people who visited my page. Who do you think it was there listed?! An old, old, but old as in ancient friend of mine was listed and his name could not pass unnoticed. I only know one man and only one with that name, and the thought that it might be him made me consider sending him a message. Which I actually did next day (meaning yesterday) and said 'hi' to him. First, I wanted to make sure it's him and I'm not confusing things in here. It was him, of course, the answer came in a few hours. THE THING now is that I was expecting him to reply to my email I've sent yesterday night, at about 11pm. He probably read that message, but maybe he does not know WHAT to respond. And I understand that. Maybe he doesn't want to talk to me, he does not want to re-bond the relations, thinking that's no good and no purpose in it. The fact is that he might be right, BUT even so, I STILL WANT TO KNOW HOW HE'S DOING, what's new in his life. After all, it's been about 10 years since we last had a chat. I believe he has children, a wife, a quiet life. He seemed to want to talk to me, but who knows now?!

BUT I CANNOT KNOW FOR SURE IF HE DOES NOT TALK TO ME. I'll wait until tomorrow and see if he gets back. The other night I has all kind of strange dreams, having him as the center of the dream and imaging what he would say to me. D'oh!!! I better get back to work now!

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