Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Ezine Articles

I will begin Letter of the week with an editorial about My Ezine Articles. This is a short introduction and you should go dig further into ezine articles tips&tricks to boost your writing ideas!
After a year of gathering member input, developing, testing, and refining, we know this new interface will help you take your article writing efforts to the next level! Just want you to know that on April 17th, your default user interface will change toMy.EzineArticles.com
I love writing for Ezinearticles.com, a place where you can publish your articles and ideas, but where you should take into consideration grammar errors and other tricky alternative/incorrect spellings. I review all over again all the articles posted here and sometimes I still find little spelling mistakes or typos. As English is not my mother language, I have to pay attention when choosing my words and sentences. For that matter, I took the chance to revise the ezine rules and guidelines. This are the main guidelines listed for you to revise if you're looking to write high quality articles. And here are the most common mistakes that one could do, although I think I would never come to mix this together, as they have clear boundaries to me. You may also check the most recently bestEzine articles per category. All together, I think writing an article per day may increase your vocabulary, your capability to focus, to maintain a healthy brain activity and, why not, you can be proud that you can do it!

Be inspired! Write a sentence, a phrase, an paragraph! Discover the world inside your words!

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