Thursday, October 18, 2012

Horay! Today it's my birthday!

I've been expecting this for a long time. Actually dreamed about it. If I ever I forgot about it, there was always something to remind me about it!

When I was 18 I've received as a birthday gift a bottle of perfume. Was my first perfume ever, so maybe I'm sentimental and that's why I like it so much, but ever since then there was something missing. Of course, I had other scents and some were really close to this one, BUT was not THIS ONE.
Today I've received my bottle of cologne with the vanilla scent inside. Vanilla Fields, to be precisely! yeey! I was jumping with happiness with this bottle in one hand and with the package in the other. Then I've tried on my hand and here's the joy: it smells THE SAME as I remember it more than 10 years ago! I had to order it on-line, because here you cannot find it in stores. I read the reviews left on the product site, and some of the people were saying there this perfume can be found at the gas stations! No way, Jose! Not here, anyway! I guess the person was from United States, because he was talking like there's no way he would buy this perfume on-line. The fact is that I never ordered perfumes on-line, but this was the ONLY place where I've found it - and because I wanted this SO MUCH, I said I should give it a try! I even thought that I'll wait almost a month for the product to arrive from USA in Europe, but the truth is that I got this in 12 days! yeey again! ;-)

I love the scent of vanilla, and even if it's a cologne and doesn't last that much, I am happy I can have this on my skin and wear it everyday! Once I've tested and saw that I'm not allergic to this, I couldn't be more happy! I was afraid that I may be allergic, because I've been through this with hair dye, body lotion and other stuff, so I was a little worried about this, but Saint God it's OK!

Today wasn't really my birthday, but I've ordered this perfume on my birthday as a b/d present! But anyway, I consider every day is a new day that I can make MY DAY!


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