Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's a matter of perspective - letter of the week 12

This is with the money. Now you have it, now you don't! They vanish incredible fast! We constantly strive for money: always not having enough! I've come to this conclusion when I've realised that all the problems have this as a beginning point: no money, not nothing! And the more you think you don't have any money, the far you are from having any! I'm writing this become I've come through an article that remind me that money are always enough IF you know how to place yourself in the equation: it's either you think and know you have them, or you don't have them at all. And never will! And you have nothing to lose if you try this! I love healyourlife articles!

Here is an article written by Marie Claire Carlyle, who wrote: 
"Positive affirmations: A relatively easy way to help you change how you think and feel about your situation is to change what you say about your situation. This is where the use of affirmations can be helpful. An affirmation is a simple positive statement that is repeated on a regular basis until the mind adopts it as a new belief. Some people like to keep copies of their favorite affirmations in places where they can see them regularly, for example inside a kitchen cupboard or written in secret code on the steering wheel of their car."
I've give it a try and actually realized that this affirmations really help me a lot! But in the daily rush, I forgot to mention them everyday and eventually stopped doing it at all. What a mistake! I should continue with this and never stop.
She also says:
"If you want to change your situation, start changing your thoughts about it now!"
And that's sooooo right! I was so frustrated earlier, than I cause myself a headache! A terrible one! And that's only because I only had bad thoughts and fuzzy negative imagines running through my head. What was I thinking? The whole situation started when talking with my mum about some expenses we'll have to cover soon because caused by a situation we CANNOT control. And instead of thinking bright and focus on solving the things, they got even worse.

Here are some of the daily affirmation that I love using. My favourite one is "I love myself" and "I am Love". Soon you'll start using these affirmations, you'll instantly feel better. I can assure you!

These are examples for wealth. You can adjust them for any other situation.
"Examples of affirmations for becoming a Money Magnet include the following:
I am (now) a Money Magnet! 
I’m always finding money.  I attract money wherever I go. I am happy, healthy, and wealthy.  I love my life. I have all that I need and more.  I deserve lots of money.  I love money and all that it allows me to do.  I respect money and money respects me. I make money easily.  I value what I do.  I offer enormous value.  I am happy to receive my full worth. "

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