Thursday, November 8, 2012

Acceptance - really hard business

YES. I believe it’s a big deal nowadays to accept things, especially if they are not as you expect them to be. Here is a piece of advice when you don’t know what to do to cope with life and situations. 
Found this on internal acceptance movement’s blog, you can take a peek and find more inspiration ;-)
When we feel urges to use destructive behaviors, we feel like we don’t have any choice other than to give in because fighting the urges seems impossible, and thus pointless.
But there are lots of coping skills and self-care activities we can do to help the urges pass and aid us in coping with uncomfortable emotions and situations. 
1. Journal
Get out how you are feeling. Write the thoughts circling in your head. Your words don’t have to be coherent, and they don’t even have to be sentences. The purpose of journaling is simply to shift the chaos in your head to a piece of paper, where you can look back on it when you are in a better place and understand what caused you to feel the way you do. It’s doesn’t matter if you write well. All that matters is that you write. 
2. Listen to your favorite music.
3. Watch a movie/tv
4. Light a candle and meditate.
5. Make a collage from old magazines and photographs.
6. Scream into a pillow.
7. Rip paper
8. Throw ice
9. Call a friend to distract yourself or vent.
Make a 911 List of phone numbers that you can refer to when you need support or have an urge to use any kind of unhealthy behavior. Make a deal with yourself that you have to call every single person on the list before engaging in the behavior.
Even if the person doesn’t answer, you have to leave them a message and tell them what you have an urge to do. This way, you are accountable. Chances are that at least one person will answer and offer you the support you need to fight your urge.
You can also vent to the person in the message you leave. Just saying out loud how we feel, even if someone isn’t on the receiving end, can be extremely helpful. 
10. Take a nap
Read on…there are 26 coping skills!

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