Friday, November 2, 2012

The Love Bird

I got better now after feeling terrible these days, with a bad cold with high temperature and running nose, and sneezing...

I can tell you I draw this bird thinking of freedom, the emotion that sets your mind free and you put yourself at ease. The feeling is incredible, isn't it?
Love Bird, my inspiration

The Love Bird come into my life a few years ago, but little I knew at that time. I knew nothing much about it. I knew nothing about the beauty of life and I guess when I'll look back after some years I'll think the same about me now. But I understand now that it's more about what you feel, than what you think. The mind versus intuition. Intuition is something that kept me from doing stupid things and taking even more stupid actions. And I'm grateful that I've listened to that inner voice telling me all those "crazy, non-sense" words, because at that time they seemed crap for me, but got the direction after awhile.

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