Monday, December 3, 2012

Another lesson

Struggling to do whatever we want to do, but you don't always get. And your plans are twisted in a blink. Due to my anemia, last week I collapsed and broke my nasal pyramid on the left side. I was under shock at first, a lot of blood all over, my husband was also shocked this happen. One BIG lesson I have to learn from all this: always care about your health. I knew I am anemic, BUT NEVER EVER thought that I'm gonna collapse! But it happen! And luckily, I was sitting down on the couch edge when happened and not on the feet! Because otherwise I could hurt myself more and broke my head or something...

Anyway, I had the occasion to see how a beaten woman looks like and - more important, how one feels! Because after this, I took my husband (or he took me) to the neurology, and then to CCT and then to EEG. The rest of the patients were looking and wondering what happened with me, because I had some scratches on my face, from the moment I "met" our living room carpet. It feels terrible having people staring at you like that. On my paper was blank on white saying: CCT - cranial-cerebral trauma. Kinda harsh, isn't it? But even when you broke your nose, that is how they call it. Overall, I'm OK, Saint God! My nose will be as new in a couple of weeks, first week I was looking like one of those woman who have been abused, but now I got my face back. I never imagined that a little crack on the side of my nose can do so much harm and can make me look so bad!

OK, that's it! Take care if you know you have problems and do some checks from time to time, even when YOU THINK you're OK. 

Back to my quiet world, the Christmas is coming, people! What do you want for Christmas? I know I want more crafts (besides being healthy!!!) and let my imagination go wild next year! Here is one of my sewing projects!

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