Friday, May 31, 2013

Mini-Journal page "I trust my intuition" - happy face ;)

Do you remember the mini-journal cover from the other post? The mini journal has glossy paper and it's kinda tricky to work with it, but I've managed to create this read-purple-headed girl who seems very content, she's happy. :-) She's smiling. This is painted on a regular mini-diary I had at hand, so I think it's pretty neat. Maybe I'm going to try to paint a boy next time.

I have to tell you from the beginning that I haven't used the clear stamps for this page. They are too big for the page size anyway. I just grabbed my Fabel Castell grip pencil and begun to do a free sketch.
I came up with this little cute face, which transformed little by little into a more colorful one.

I don't have too many step by step photos, as I was too under the process of painting it, so I totally forgot to take photos. But even so, here is another draft:

Then I added some contour...

I am pretty happy with the final result, although there's always place for a better one.

I've tried to create journal pages before, but none of them turned so beautiful ;-)

She even has some eye makeup! And as I'm a purple fan and I'm using and prefer it when I choose my make-up colors, I had to use it on my girl, too!

I've used aquatone sticks mainly, but also a bit of INKtense pencils for the eyes. INKtense pencils are vivid and vibrant and I love to use them for small details. I've also used some felt cariocas and Uni-ball Signo Angelic (white) Gel Ink Pen (0.7mm) for highlights and dots. When I bought the aquatone sticks I thoought they are more like neocolors II, soft and creamy, but they are waxy and hard to blend when not using water. They say you can use them dry, but I love the creamy feel they have when you add water to them and brush directly from the stick! 


  1. Dear Christina, I am glad to see your blog with your wonderful faces and all the other things, I have to find out :) Happy weekend - hugs Erika

    1. @Erika, your art is also fabulous, I love your special, different and so out of ordinary work! I often browse your blog and when I see something I love I go PIN it in my "art journaling" board on Pinterest. I like to go then browse through all of the pins and review some of the beautiful work!

  2. Very lovely and creative work!! :)

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