Thursday, May 30, 2013

Online class with Andrea Gomoll

I don't know why I have chosen Andrea Gomoll as a teacher. I don't know her, I never meet her in person, I  only find her blog online and fall in love with her creations. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty talented artists out there, I just had to choose one and...act!  I loved the fact that she presents her classes in very deep details, so I knew from the beginning what my money worth.

I joined her class late (on May 15th!) and even at the moment I haven't got the chance to see all her beautiful, well explained art videos. I still have time, because you get 1 year 24/7 access to the class, which is fantastic! Not to mention you can download the videos! I gotta tell you that the fact I can access the videos at all time made me purchase the class. The FACEcinating girls online class helped me develop my skills: I haven't paint any girls before, only a few isolated attempts, but Andrea convinced me that I can do it. And I can, no matter if it's not quite perfect! ;-) Thanks you, Andrea!

My first attempt using the stamps returned a not-so-perfect picture, but was my first try so a little practice will make the difference. Meanwhile, without stamps and too much watching the videos, I've done my first girl ever!! It is sure not perfect, but for me was a great step forward to a new world full of adventure! I've discovered (or rediscovered) how much I love to paint, get my fingers messy, have a bunch of painting tools all over the table and so on.
My first girl ever

Because I've joined late, my stamps were not here just yet, but my urge to draw and paint was too big to just sit and wait. So after doing this girl, I've started to draw a new one, this time with a better result:

The the stamps finally arrived (in one week time, I think), and I could start using them and practice my own way. Of course, when you see Andrea's videos all seems nice and simple, but you need practice and devotion to get a nice-to-gorgeous result! And - of course - you need to LOVE ART! I am an artisan with artist soul and I see world in colors even when there's only black and grey in the picture. 

I still have to work a lot to get the result I want, and for that I have to watch the videos with face shading, eyes and lips again. This mini-journal cover turned to be sad, I still have to work on it and make some changes. Also, I don't have all the supplies she uses, and I'm crying for some gelatos, but unfortunately here in Romania they are not available. BUT lucky me, I have a friend in the US who sent me some Faber Castell gel sticks, they are on the way, but I still have to wait quite a lot for them to arrive. Not so many colors in the sets, but there are still 18 colors to play with. Anyways, gelatos are a little bit too expensive for me at the moment, so I'll just stick to my favorite INKtense pensils and aquatone water soluble sticks.
If you want to join the fun, don't hesitate to signup the FACEcinating girls online class, you're going to love it all the way!

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