Monday, September 16, 2013

And here goes Romania

I don'y usually write about politics and all that "crap", but I've found that many young people "woke-up" to a not so good reality that we live in - one that has to change - and that that "crap" called politics concerns all of us. And that the laws they vote concerns us, our country, our land, our wealth. And what is even more upsetting is that young people died on December 1989 so that the governants that came after could steal our country and sell it piece by piece. 

The protests against Rosia Montana Project are far from an end. People are getting out of their homes and   fill the streets and boulevards of main cities of Romania.Here is a picture with the Unirii boulevard at night, filled with thousands of people protesting against gold mining using cyanide. Is this going to transform into a protest against the Romanian government, too? The people are also angry about the HUGE stray dogs number in Bucharest and other major cities, dogs that eaten alive a four-year-old boy in Bucharest. 
It's incredible what's happening in Romania. It's incredible how our Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, turned his position 180 degrees regarding to Rosia Montana Mining Project a few days ago. Despite the fact that, when in opposition, Victor Ponta said "no" to the project, on August 27 he declared his official support for the Rosia Montana. He now turned again and sent the project to the Parliament, so that he won't have to assume the responsability for the project! 

Foto credit: Casa    Jurnalistului
If you don't know what's happening in Romanian right now and what has been happening for more than 2 weeks now, please follow this linkthis one, and THIS link, or simply google "about rosia montana romania". 

Imagines of Rosia Montana

Colors of the autumn (Rosia Montana, Romania)

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