Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Journal girl - Messy face

Haven't been posting about my girls lately, but I've created a lot...and I've been doing some illustrations, too! Here is a girl a little bit different that what I was into until now, just trying different styles and techniques. Love ones more than others, but they are all fun to draw and color!

This face has a messy look 

I've started by adding some background. Painted red over some notebook leftovers I had and then cut them into pieces and created two hearts and some squares that I placed randomly onto the page.

Than started to actually paint the face with acrylics, free-handed and without too much care! Don't let yourself fooled, the acrylic used is not black, but a purple mixed with some leaf green, resulting a dark purple. I don't use black too much, it's too bold to me. 

I have to stop and remember myself to take more photos in the process instead of 'jumping' into the almost finished result. Next time!

A close-up

And the finished result. I should have played more with the background and add more colors, texture, stamps, etc., but for now I'm happy with her!

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