Friday, June 13, 2014

Hand-bound art journal

One of my followers on Instagram, Anne-Laure Jacquart, asked me how I bound the art journal I have posted on Instagram. The truth is that it takes some time and ability to bound a hand-book, but it's nothing very fancy, really.

The idea to make a hand-bound art journal came to me when I realized that where I live there are not so many alternatives when it comes to art journaling. This art journaling current is fairly new around here, so only recently I saw that Ranger ink pads are on the market, for example. But when it comes to art journals, there are not so many alternatives. So I decided to look for alternatives, like reusing and repurpose materials, and I found an old watercolor block I had bought long time ago....I tore the pages away and used the sheets to bind them in a brand-new art journal. (see below)

The method of binding can be found in here. It is very simple, although at first it may seem complicated. But once you get the steps, you find that all you need is time and patience. On the second page you´ll find an explication image with a diagram showing how the sewing goes. 

If you try this technique, I would love to hear from you! Please comment below or on Instagram how your final result came out and what you think of the whole process. Is it worth to bind your own art journal or buy one already bound?

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