Thursday, January 24, 2008

what a dream means to you

last night I had a strange dream: well, not really strange, but anyhow, unexpected.

I was in some kind of church and a priest was talking things ( I guess about God). And there were a lot of people around, but was not an usual church meeting. Suddenly, right in front of me I saw a man putting a gun on a lady's head, but I don't really know what he was after. Nobody saw that, and I was afraid to say or do samething. Then a tall men came right from the crowd and peacefully took the aggressor's gun and with a calm accent said: "This isn't a place for such things". And the aggressor stood behind, but I was still afraid of him, just knowing he is in there. Then the crowd moved forward, and everyone took an apple from a bag that was placed in front of the priest and everyone got out using a side door. Then I and my lover (and the whole crowd that was still inside) move forward right in front of the priest, so I could see him and hear his preach. (my lover was with me from the beginning of the dream)
And when there was all silence again, the priest looked at me, softly touched my shoulder and ask me: "Where is Jesus?" And I began to say crying in the same time while speaking, that HE is everywhere around us, He's right there with us, we just have to open our eyes widely to see Him. I start to say that we should all look deep inside ourselves to find Him. He can be in our rooms, He can walk with us on the street, he can pass by, He can be everywhere around us, but it's up to us to see Him.
I was deeply in my speech, when a man behind me stopped me saying: "ja-ja, bla bla, we know that already".... . And I haven't said anything else after that, but I remember I was looking for a hamper bag with apples to see what is the most good looking apple so I can take it......this is when it ends..... WHAT do you THINK about this dream? dreaming about talking about Jesus? I have to mention that the priest was affirmatively gave me to understood I was right when I said all this things about our Jesus...I was crying in the dream when saying all this....and I think I was also crying when I wake up...

what do you think about THE MEANING OF this dream?

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