Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sweet things do become precious

when you really learn to appreciate them!
these days (really today) my dear is having his first day at the new job. I really heard nothing about him till now and I'm curious how things went with it. I guess there must be something new to him and he was a little nervious when we left this morning at work.
the fact is that he got a well paid job and we all are anxious to see how he is dealing with it: I guess he is now talking with his parents about it; as I'm not in there he can stay and chat freely without interrupting any kind. I wish still he won't forget me, I'm still here, waiting....

what to good things? Always SMILE --- I'll start a new round of exams on January 26th and Statistics will be the first one. I'm kinda nervious about it cos I'm not really into this, but I hope I'll manage somehow to get a good mark...this is only the first one out of the 7 exams I have to pass this session.

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