Friday, May 20, 2011

what's with this back pain?

After all, today may be a rainy day after the day it started with a lot of sun smiling at my happy face. :-) I woke up early, at 7:30Am and got my b/f into shape for a new day of work! Then we had some breakfast, put some clothes on and hit the door. We actually step outside with a coffee {vanilla and caramelo} frappe in mind, and end up on a fancy terrace down town. It was nice, but not very quiet. The cars were running by making a lot of noise, but we just had our coffee and smile to the world.

Well, the things are not that pinky as I painted them to be, but at least we try out best. My b/f is frustrated because of work, I'm in the middle of a job requiting and I have to pass some tests before they accept me for this job, we are planning to go on vacantion this summer - twice actually - and we are very tight with the money: he wants to leave this job and stay focused only on web-design presentations, to take some small jobs and make a portofolio so he can later rely on the earnings from this job. But it's catchy, because as soon as he will leave his actual job, he will be out of money for a while - or at least with a very few he saved for this - and he is worried about this: what if he's not going to make it, what is he is not capable to undergo this and so on. He is even thinking that I may be leaving him because he has no money! That's a totally bullsh#t and I had to assure him that everything is  going to be fine, he doesn't need to be worry about this. I haven't told him this, but he really made me feel bad and unconfortable saying and believing that!

What I'm worried about now is my back pain. I got this pain from about 5 days now and I suppose is because of my computer working and inactivity. I'm not a sporty person and I don't know if I'll ever be, but at least I should try to move my ass more ofter in the park, jogging and stuff. But I just can't do this all by myself. I need somebody to be with me ...anyway, this is not a good moment to start running here and there, not until I get to see my doctor and find out what the huch is going on and most of all ---- what is to be done!  Oh! and another thing. Yesterday I had my blood tests done and I can wait for the results. Unlikely, I'm not scared, but anxious to find out the result and take action - if needed. I'm saying that because of my 80-90% raw food diet that I'm taking from about 4 months now (4 months on 11.05.2011). I just realised now that are 4 months, and not 3! God! I hope I can still eat some fish sometimes. Anyway, because I was affraid or not, I just had some cheese from time to time, very little few pieces of cheese. It was OK I huess since I was not in stomach pain and the next day (after eating that) I eat only raw food. But the thing is that I want to eat some eggs and cheese from time to time, let's say once at 2-3 weeks or so.
That's OK from now. I got a terrible back pain (but I'm sure there are pains worse than what I feel right now~) and I'll just run from the computer! lol~

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