Thursday, June 30, 2011

Greece it's too far away

Yeah. I'm saying that because these days Greece is facing a new influx of manifestation that made Greece not such a good place to be. I totally agree with the fact thay need  more money - so we do - but doing this to your ouw contry won't lead to anything good. I'm afraid for that matter. I really wanted to join this summer into Greece beauty spot, but they give me now no possibility but to focus on some other destination.

I pick up Spain. I love Spain, I love Spanish, I love that latin language that makes my blood run very fast. I love the contry. I love it so much that I could even move there and start a new life. But there are things and people that keep me in here, in my natal contry that I only have the dream, but not the reality. My parents are not younger any more. Even if they are not old, they need my presence here. My sister ain't of too much help in this dirrection. She aways finds some way not to be present when you need her, not to come to the meetings you set up, not to do things as they should be done, as she pretends to do it, but never does.

I hate this situation and maybe the situation hates me. Who knows?! I only know I want more from life, more to live for and I'm going to do something about it. Or.....

....or maybe not. I already have what others can only dream of: a family, a happy one, a boyfriend who is not in a rush to get marry (Saint God!), a very well paid job (not so well, but it's ok) and that kind of job you really enjoy and feel pleasure doing. What else can I ask for?! Well, no, don't say "nothing". There are plenty of things that need to be done, ned to concur. But I love my life as it is right now, even if I don't love every piece of it. After all, this is life. What is life without a piece of bitter nectar? :-)

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