Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm dizzy. And lazzy. I would rather read my "With every day" romance book than to pack my things. Even if I'm packing for the sea side vacation which I expect for so long. And maybe that's because I've heard some news about the breaking weather or the poor water condition. The fact is that I'm not in the mood because this is not what I so much wanted for our holiday. There's nothing sure that we will somwhow manage to go to Greece at the end of the summer, somewhere in August or Septeber when we weather is very warm and it's a pleasure to be there.
Well, instead of Greece I got Black Sea again and that's not the best option so far. We have to stick with it and enjoy our trip to paradise. I'm greatful I can see any sea this year, when others cannot even leave their houses for one weekend! I'm more concern about the sea weed being present into the water, making it very unpleasant.

I'll go back to packing...and then to that fancy reading!

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