Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've found happiness. What do I do with it?

Not taking medicine classes when I should, not having the house of my dreams, not going into the hot vacations as I wish, etecetera...all this made me wonder: Is there happiness when we achieve all this or is just an illusion? Do we have to have them all to be happy?

Back to happiness, what do you think it takes to make one happy? It depends on the person in question, I guess. If you ask me, I would be happy to travel a little bit with my boyfriend around the world, see the most important attractions in Europe, walk down the streets of Barcelona, or having an early morning coffee at a cozy coffee shop. I would love that. But we should all create happiness everyday, every single day we can be happy just the way we are, not wanting things we cannot have. Maybe that's why we struggle so much to see Europe, because we cannot afford it.Can we afford to be happy, even thought?!

In the meanwhile, I took my time to boil some tea and refresh myself with some exotic scents. It feels like spring is on the way, but the snow flakes showing off the window say something else. This may take a while. I want to move my butt and walk outside the house, but it's like something is holding me against. I don't know what it is, but I have to move once for all.

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