Friday, January 10, 2014

The documented Life Project - Week 2 - Serfie!

This Selfie received lots of Likes on Facebook, and I thank you for that. It was build on my agenda paper directly, after doing some collage using newspapers cuts. I've started to draw the face and the eyes, without thinking too much of the shape and if they are properly aligned. In fact, I believe the left pupil is bigger than the right one, but I just left it as it is. I do love the lips, though. They look more than perfect to me!

It is true that when you just draw or paint and don't think too much how the result is going to look like, in the end you'll gonna love what you've created. 

This picture has a little Instagram effects applied to it. I just loved the colors ans saturation. 

This was week 2 - I think the most loved prompt until now! Let's see what's next on week 3!

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