Friday, January 17, 2014

The Documented |Life - Week 3 - Insert an envelope

For this week, most of the participants to the project have only inserted envelops without painting over them, but I feel the need to get dirty in the name of art, and started to add color and collage over it.

As you can see, I've done this again directly on my agenda, which has very thin pages. I've manage to stick to pages on the right side. In the left, the selfie backside was strong and heavy enough to hold the paint and collage.

After the selfie, this could be my favorite! The leaves you see above are not a stamp, not a stencil. I drew them by hand, just right after I randomly added paint in the shape that was somehow close to a leaf. After letting all set and dry - I've come and added the contour of the leaves with a Black Pitt Pen (Faber Castell). Used a lot of light stamping and the gelatos  from Faber Castell (well, the gel sticks).

I haven't been doing too much of a real journaling, like writing about what was happening, a thing that I shall correct in the future. After all, the documented life it's about every day life, with simple - but so meaningful notes. :)

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