Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The documented Life Project

Originally posted by me on Bubblews:
A new year is a perfect time for a new project, isn’t it? And if there is an art project, even better to me! I didn’t think twice when stepping into this wonderful project run by 5 magnificent talented young ladies that initiated the project. The documented Life Project is made up of 3 parts: one part planner, one art journal and other sketch book. I ended using a planner only, in which I am going to insert watercolor for the time when I need to journal. 

Hello, dear creative soul!

I'm back with The Documented Life Project, initiated by the 5 magnificent ladies who are so inspiring that I've decided to join the project in a blink! I've never been part of such a big challenge, I have to admit it, it's something BIG. It's a whole year of fascinating art and a self-discovering journey. And making this public online is even bigger to me. I've never published so often my art and never shared my art journals until recently, when I felt I want to share them with other amazing artists from all over the world.
SO there we go! I'm already behind with posting, we are on week 4 with the challenge, and for every week there will be a theme.

Here you can check the themes from week 1 to 4.

I've already finished week 1, 2, 3, but I haven't got the chance to write about it here. I know I will definitelly going to enjoy the week 4 challenge: write a secret message and paint over, showing only one key word!

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