Thursday, January 2, 2014

The documented Life Project - Week 1

Have also posted about my week 1 journal on my Bubblews account. 

YEY! here's week 1 from the documented life project! I'm behind with posting about it, the project is already on week 4, but as I told you I have done all the three previous weeks. Here is week 1!

For the week one we were supposed to paint, draw or attach a photo with the front door. My door pattern is pretty hard to draw, so I've tried to draw it as simple as possible. Oh yeah, I gotta tell you this was a real challenge for me! Still, this is the original door pattern, and I'm more then happy with the result. When I first started to draw it, I didn't thought it's going to come out so beautifully!

I did sketch after a photo I wanted to attach here, but I've decided not to. The illustration should be enough to make an idea about it. 

When I've started to add color, I could see the whole picture with color and everything turned into a beautiful illustration! I sure have to create other sketches and paint them with watercolor, it was so relaxing painting this, even if it took me more than one day, giving the fact that I had to stop multiple times. 

But it doesn't really matter, as long as I managed to finish it up! What do you think of it? Are you part of the documented life project? :) 

I also wrote about the documented Life on Bubblews.

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