Monday, December 22, 2014

A sip of espresso + why I believe in angels

Yesterday I was out downtown and we thought we could have a cappuccino. We got out and it was pretty amazing for December: 8-9C' and almost a clear, blue sky. Of course, if you ask me, that's not normal and something 's  going on, but that's another story.

As we were hitting the coffee shop , I thought to change cappuccino and try an espresso instead. I knew it was stronger, and although diluted with water, it was still strong, but very tasty. I drank about half of the cup, while my husband was having a cappuccino. We hit back our home and I didn't felt the espresso effects until very late in the night: I wasn't feeling agitated in any way, but hour after hour have passed until I noticed it's 4:52AM! While still having an hour of sleep between midnight and 1 o'clock, at 5:50 I've manage to fall asleep again, this time thinking in my mind that I'm going to sleep until 9 least.

But no. At 6:40AM I woke up again, this time feeling more agitated than before. I already knew the reason for not being able to sleep, but I was totally blown by the fact that my pulse was slightly accelerated after abruptly waking up, as if I was having a nightmare. I know what I was dreaming, and it wasn't something scary. I then remembered that I recently {like yesterday!} saw a tv show where they were talking about angels and how angels can help us. (If you read my Romanian blog, you probably know that recently I've painted an angel in my art journal).
In the tv show, one of the people invited in the show was talking about connecting with our angels. He said that each and everyone of us have an guardian angel and we should first try to connect to our angel instead of praying directly to God. Not that praying to God is something wrong, but angels can bring our souls closer to the divine understanding.

I put my hands closer and begin to talk to my angel. It didn't last long, because my throat was hurting, so I decided to "speak" with my thoughts. I continued talking to my angel and asking to show me what is to be done in this situation, how can I calm my pulse and get rid of the  bacterial infection I believe is causing my pain in the throat, and in less than 10 minutes my pulse went down to normal and I felt so relaxed. Of course, I set myself to relax my muscles and my whole body. Of course, you may say it's a coincidence , and that you don't believe in angels. That is totally up to you. But I know that with angels or without angels, we can control the body processes, like body temperature, pulse and getting rid of light headaches. I know that because I did it only by thinking I am doing this and my body reacted accordingly to what my mind dictated. If you don't believe that, then look for the book "Mind over body" and you will see what the recent discoveries are saying. Oh, and by the way, the book was written by a Ph. Doctor in medicine.

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  1. This reminds me to talk to my own angel more often. I do call on my daughters' angels every now and again and ask for guidance and protection.


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